Rosewood Retires from Breeding

Our newest female, Ammerville’s Rosalind Layka, has been retired as a breeding dog. We tried through several cycles to breed her, using natural and artificial methods, and she would not conceive. We have decided to spare her the stress of more invasive procedures, and have changed her status from breeding mama to beloved pet.

Rosewood has always been a small kennel, and the welfare of our dogs has been our greatest concern. Rosy has never shown signs of wanting to be a mother, and even when we forced the issue, she declined to become pregnant. With her retirement, we have only one potential breeding dog remaining, our intact male, Yorick.

We humans are sad to enter this phase of our history, but all our dogs are in forever homes and are as happy as dogs can be.

Rosewood, the Happy Dog Place (and the people are pretty tickled, too!

Rosy Wins At Agility Trial

[As told by Pat and Dwayne Martin, Rosy’s parents.]
Saturday and Sunday, Oct 5 and 6, the Shenandoah Valley Kennel Club held its annual Agility Trials in Weyer’s Cave, Virginia.  Pat and Dwayne Martin entered their Kooikerhondje, Rosy, and Elsje MacDonald entered Yorick, whom she is keeping for Rose while the family is in Kenya.  Elsje handled both dogs during the competition.  We are very thankful for Elsje’s dog-training abilities and enthusiasm.  Dwayne tried it and concluded that it isn’t where his talents lie!  Elsje’s mother is Dutch, which may explain her daughter’s affinity for Kooikerhondjes.
The competition had two parts.  First came the “Jumps with Weaves.”  Both dogs had performed this over and over again at “Love on a Leash,” but when it came time to do it in an actual competition, Rosy was so glad to be out of her crate that she just ran around and around in circles on the grass, and disqualified herself.  Yorick just walked around and sniffed everything and refused to run.
But in the “Standard” Rosy performed perfectly and got first prize, a blue ribbon.  Yorick also did very well but disqualified himself by peeing!
Sunday afternoon the competition repeated itself.  Both dogs did very well in the “Jumps and Weaves,” but they each made a jump in the wrong direction and disqualified themselves.  In the “Standard,” Rosy ran into the tunnel and wouldn’t come out until Wendy (the agility instructor at Love on a Leash) crawled in and pull her out!  Yorick did very well, but was a little slow and so did not get a ribbon.
Most importantly, we all had fun!

Yorick and Rosy Represent the Neds Kooi-Dog at their First Open Show!

Dwayne and Elsje, Rosy and Yorick at the Open Show, March 8

On Friday March 8, Yorick and Rosy attended an open show hosted by the American Boerboel Club at our local Rockingham County Fairgrounds. Dwayne Martin handled Rosy, and Elsje McDonald, 12, handled Yorick. Rosy now has two points towards her Championship. Here is  a write-up about the event in Elsje’s words:

“A few weeks ago, Yorick and I went to our first dog show. When we got there we had lots of time to walk around and meet lots of other dogs. We had to wait for what seemed like forever but finally it was the Kooiker’s turn in the ring. At first it was just Yorick and I, we won first place of male kooikerhondjes! (he was the only male).

Next Rosy went into the ring and won first place for female kooikerhondjes! (She was also the only female there.)

After those rounds they both wentinto the ring and Rosy won best of breed and Yorick won best opposite sex. Later Rosy went back into the ring with a Russian toy dog and a Swedish farm dog and she won second place.

After we were all done Dwayne and I posed for pictures with our little champions.”

–Written by Elsje McDonald, age 12, Yorick’s jr. handler.











Cover Girl

I knew Rosy’s mom Pat Martin was an artist, but I was pleasantly surprised this morning when I stopped in to pick up Rosy for an agility lesson. I saw this framed portrait hanging in the Martin’s living room!

Rosy captured in water color by Pat Martin

Rosy Approaches Her First Birthday

Rosy is a few weeks shy of turning one. Her birthday is July 2.

Rosy in her front yard with Pat and Dwayne

This past weekend my sister Joyce visited with Elsie, and we took the opportunity to have a small kooiker reunion and take some pictures.

Yorick, Rosy, Hammie and Elsie

Click on the photo below to see a slide show of our afternoon in the Martin’s back yard.

Rosy Goes to Detroit

Conquored by Kooikers!

Rosy, along with Hamlet, Yorick, and other representatives of the Kooikerhondje Club of the USA, participated in the Detroit Kennel Club Dog Shows on March 3 & 4. Rosy was exactly eight months old on Friday, the day we drove up to Michigan.

On Saturday, she decided that with 1000 intact male dogs at the Cobo Hall in downtown Detroit, it would be a good time to go into heat! It took me a while to realize what was going on, since in my experience kooikers are slower to mature and go into heat when they are a little older. The male kooikers at the Meet the Breed booth, where we were all stationed, were interested in her, but no one was being obnoxious about it. Then I saw a telltale spot of blood on the concrete floor and thought to check her tail. Sure enough, her white breeches were marked here and there with red!

Poor dear traveled all that way, and spent most of the weekend in her crate! She was still able to earn a ribbon for Best Female Puppy (OK, she was the only girl puppy there, but I’m sure she deserved it nevertheless!) and second place to Rosewood’s Dragon for Best Puppy overall.

Of course, now that she’s a young lady, we can’t keep calling her a puppy, can we?

Rosy 9 months

Rosy and the Deer

Tuesday morning (17 Jan 2012) I was walking with Rosy thru a clearing between a woods and a smaller grove of trees, when Rosy decided to check out the grove of trees. I expected her to follow after me once she satisfied her curiosity, but she didn’t. She just sat there and looked at me even after I called her. So I had no choice but to go and see what was happening. As I got closer I saw a young deer about two-thirds grown standing behind her. It didn’t flee as I approached, and then I saw why. Its left rear leg was caught in a wire fence and was pointing straight upward. The top wire looped around its hoof so tightly that it took me several minutes to get it free, but at last I succeeded and the poor animal could at last stand on all four feet.

For a while it just stood there and looked at us, not seeming to fear me or Rosy. Either it was in shock, or it figured that if we meant to harm it we would have done so already. Finally it started to walk away, and I saw that the formerly-imprisoned leg was stretched out straight and and totally stiff, apparently from the who-knows-how-many hours it had spent ensnared in the wire loop. So it hobbled away, and I wished it well, feeling happy for having freed it, but fearing that its troubles may have only begin.

Rosy followed it for a while, but seemed only curious. She did not attack or harass it, and eventually she came back to me and we resumed our hike.

–Dwayne Martin

(Stock photo)


Dangerous House Plants

Rosy was standing by the dinner table hoping one of us would throw her a table scrap, when I noticed that her leg was shaking. By the time we got her to the vet, her whole body was shaking and I was in tears. The vet said that the symptoms resembled pyrethrum poisoning and asked if we had bought any new house plants. We had some poinsettias, and wouldn’t put it past Rosy to have taken a bite, but we hadn’t seen her do it. (Poinsettias themselves are only mildly toxic, so the poisoning would have come from insecticides sprayed on the plants.)

The vet anesthetized her and gave her an intravenous antidote. By morning she was OK and we were relieved, but $200.00 poorer! We worried that it might happen again since we weren’t sure what caused the problem in the first place.

We are passing this on to let people know that newly-purchased house plants may come treated with insecticides or other chemicals that may be hazardous to a puppy’s health. Next time you buy a house plant, ask if it has been sprayed or treated. Keep your plants up where pets are less likely to eat them, and have a safe and happy New Year!

–Dwayne and Pat Martin, and Ammerville’s Rosalind Layka

Dwayne, Rosy, and Hamlet share a moment of reverent thanks for everyone’s good health


Rosy at the Fun Match, Oct. 8, 2011

Dwayne and Rosy at the Fun Match

Rosy made a splash at her dog show debut at the Kooikerhondje Fun Match this October. Dwayne Martin, her housemate and handler, had never been to a dog show, let alone been in the ring with a show animal! Rosy was all confidence (even if she didn’t have a clue), and quickly put Dwayne at ease.

It all paid off, and Rosy earned her first ribbon, bringing home the Best Puppy Award.

Of course, there were only three puppies in the field–all excellent kooiker specimens, and the other two Rosewood bred pups–so there was no way to lose.

But in the end, the day was clearly not about the competition. Judge Carol Noe had to do some on-the-spot handling instruction, and her patience and good humor prevailed as human and canine alike bumbled around the ring.

Instead, the day was about sunshine and camaraderie, laughter and beauty, as we got to know each other and meet another wet, wiggly nose.

Everywhere you turned, there was something spectacular going on. A Border Collie, all its energy focused in one blue eye, snakes its way through a set of weave poles at the adjacent Agility Trial. The clear afternoon sun slants across the tin roof of an old barn. A girl with impossibly long hair leads an old kooikerhondje around the ring for the first time and takes home a ribbon.

Fourth Annual Fun Match, October 8 2011

The Kooikerhondje Club of the USA (KCUSA) held it’s fourth Fun Match last weekend in Weyers Cave, VA. Participating were 10 dogs from five different states: Massachusetts, New York, Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Virginia. Next year’s Match will be held in a different geographic location to accommodate the kooiker population not on the East Coast!

AKC judge Carol Noe was the professional eye evaluating the animals on that sun-splashed autumn afternoon. Many of the dogs and owners were in the ring for the first time, and Carol was patient in explaining what was expected of everybody.

Fall Fun Match Participants

We took four Rosewood dogs to the Match: Hamlet, Elsinore, Yorick, and the new puppy, Rosalind. One of the advantages of having a very small number of participants in each category was that every dog placed and got a ribbon!

Hamlet and my niece Carissa

Taga’s Quarto-Hamlet, Prince of Denmark: ……….. First Place, Altered Adult

Joyce and Elsie

Taga’s Weika, Lady Elsinore………………………….First Place, Altered Female

Rose and Yorick

Germanic (Yorick)…………………………………… Second Place, Intact Male


Pat and Dwayne Martin with AKC judge Carol Noe and Rosy

Ammervills Rosalind……………………………………………Best Puppy

Two other Rosewood dogs were there–Duncan and Dragon, litter-mates from Bianca’s and Yorick’s litter this June.

Dragon takes Nathan for a turn around the ring.

Wayne and Duncan show their confidence in the ring.