Rosewood Retires from Breeding

Our newest female, Ammerville’s Rosalind Layka, has been retired as a breeding dog. We tried through several cycles to breed her, using natural and artificial methods, and she would not conceive. We have decided to spare her the stress of more invasive procedures, and have changed her status from breeding mama to beloved pet.

Rosewood has always been a small kennel, and the welfare of our dogs has been our greatest concern. Rosy has never shown signs of wanting to be a mother, and even when we forced the issue, she declined to become pregnant. With her retirement, we have only one potential breeding dog remaining, our intact male, Yorick.

We humans are sad to enter this phase of our history, but all our dogs are in forever homes and are as happy as dogs can be.

Rosewood, the Happy Dog Place (and the people are pretty tickled, too!

Yorick Goes to Lexington

Elsje and Yorick at the Lexington Trial

This past weekend I entered Yorick in another dog show! The dog show was at the Lexington Horse Center. I ran Yorick in two classes, JWW and STD. He did great in both of them.

Good boy, Yorick!

In JWW he listened to everything I told him and did great, but he was just not fast enough.


In the next class STD Yorick was so good! He had 75 seconds to complete the course and he did it in 53.22. He qualified and got a first place ribbon! Although he still doesn’t get why I made such a big fuss over the ribbon, he was happy with all the praises and cookies. So we all went home happy; Me with the ribbon and Yorick with his new raccoon toy he got for being such a good boy.

Written by Elsje McDonald

Rosy Wins At Agility Trial

[As told by Pat and Dwayne Martin, Rosy’s parents.]
Saturday and Sunday, Oct 5 and 6, the Shenandoah Valley Kennel Club held its annual Agility Trials in Weyer’s Cave, Virginia.  Pat and Dwayne Martin entered their Kooikerhondje, Rosy, and Elsje MacDonald entered Yorick, whom she is keeping for Rose while the family is in Kenya.  Elsje handled both dogs during the competition.  We are very thankful for Elsje’s dog-training abilities and enthusiasm.  Dwayne tried it and concluded that it isn’t where his talents lie!  Elsje’s mother is Dutch, which may explain her daughter’s affinity for Kooikerhondjes.
The competition had two parts.  First came the “Jumps with Weaves.”  Both dogs had performed this over and over again at “Love on a Leash,” but when it came time to do it in an actual competition, Rosy was so glad to be out of her crate that she just ran around and around in circles on the grass, and disqualified herself.  Yorick just walked around and sniffed everything and refused to run.
But in the “Standard” Rosy performed perfectly and got first prize, a blue ribbon.  Yorick also did very well but disqualified himself by peeing!
Sunday afternoon the competition repeated itself.  Both dogs did very well in the “Jumps and Weaves,” but they each made a jump in the wrong direction and disqualified themselves.  In the “Standard,” Rosy ran into the tunnel and wouldn’t come out until Wendy (the agility instructor at Love on a Leash) crawled in and pull her out!  Yorick did very well, but was a little slow and so did not get a ribbon.
Most importantly, we all had fun!

Where in the World is the Rosewood Family?

Rose, Bruce, and the boys are settling into their new lives in Eldoret, Kenya (pictured here in a field of tea growing in the Kakamega Rain Forest).

Kericho Gold anyone?

After going back and forth for a few weeks about Hamlet, Should He Stay or Should He Go, we decided that the international travel would be too risky and too stressful for him. He is with my very good friend Brett, and is adjusting to life without his noisy brothers.








Yorick, of course, will stay in town to be close to Rosy. Elsja is ecstatic to be part of his host family for the next few years!








While the family–canine and human–has very mixed feelings about being separated by the Atlantic Ocean for the next few years, we parted on good terms, and with every confidence that everyone will be in good hands. Here we all are (minus Christian who was on a school trip) the Sunday before the human part of the family got on the plane for Kenya.

And as chance would have it, look what we found in our first week in Eldoret!

This is Mbwa, which means “dog” in Swahili. We found him in the furniture shop when we were looking for living room furniture (notice the black and orange chair Jacob is sitting in).

Mbwa Ndogo

Mbwa Kubwa

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Hamlet and Yorick are not forgotten, but the arrival of Mbwa helps to ease the dog-shaped hole in our hearts as we leave the kooikers in the care of others for a while.

Elsje, Rose, Yorick and Hamlet

During the first year we were in Kenya, Hamlet made his way from Bret’s care to Elsje’s care, happily reunited with Yorick. This is where he will stay.


Yorick and Rosy Represent the Neds Kooi-Dog at their First Open Show!

Dwayne and Elsje, Rosy and Yorick at the Open Show, March 8

On Friday March 8, Yorick and Rosy attended an open show hosted by the American Boerboel Club at our local Rockingham County Fairgrounds. Dwayne Martin handled Rosy, and Elsje McDonald, 12, handled Yorick. Rosy now has two points towards her Championship. Here is  a write-up about the event in Elsje’s words:

“A few weeks ago, Yorick and I went to our first dog show. When we got there we had lots of time to walk around and meet lots of other dogs. We had to wait for what seemed like forever but finally it was the Kooiker’s turn in the ring. At first it was just Yorick and I, we won first place of male kooikerhondjes! (he was the only male).

Next Rosy went into the ring and won first place for female kooikerhondjes! (She was also the only female there.)

After those rounds they both wentinto the ring and Rosy won best of breed and Yorick won best opposite sex. Later Rosy went back into the ring with a Russian toy dog and a Swedish farm dog and she won second place.

After we were all done Dwayne and I posed for pictures with our little champions.”

–Written by Elsje McDonald, age 12, Yorick’s jr. handler.











Hamlet and Yorick Visit the Big Apple

What a difference one week makes. New York City was battered by the worst storm in its history the last weekend in October.

Sandy visits havoc on NYC

The previous weekend, however–October 20 and 21–was mild and sunny, a perfect fall day for a walk along the Hudson River.

Looking at boats and enjoying the sunshine.


Rose, Yorick, and Hamlet










Why are our Virginia dogs in NYC? For the Meet the Breed dog show in the Jacob Javits Center!

The dogs pose with a statue of Senator Jacob Javits at the convention center.

It also happened to be my sister Joyce’s 50th birthday–and Andrew’s 13th–so we went to the city to celebrate in style.

Andrew and Aunt Joyce celebrate their birthday weekend with a bit of craziness!

A nice group of KCUSA memebers were able to attend the MTB event. The most FAQ was: “How do you pronounce that?” By the end of the day, I was hoarse from saying “Nederlandse Kooikerhondje!”

While at the conventions, Hamlet and Yorick were able to pass their Canine Good Citizenship test, and were awarded caps, which everyone enjoyed.

Who’s a Canine Good Citizen?

Daniel and Yorick Accordion Duet

Daniel has been learning the accordion since summer.

When we first got Yorick, he howled when the boys practiced violin. Now, he’s added the accordion to his duet repertoire!

Papa Yorick, Couch Potato King

For their one-year updates, a few of Yorick’s puppies submitted photos of their gorgeous selves lounging on their favorite couches. Not to be outdone, Yorick indulged me in a photo shoot of him on his favorite couch, and here he is: Papa Yorick, the couch potato king!

Papa Yorick, Three Years Old

Here are five males from Yorick’s first litter, all lounging on their favorite divans. How majestic!  They were a year old on June 10, 2012.

Dugan at a year

Drake, or Frankie at a year

Darby sacked out on the back of the couch.

Duncan at 16 months

Toby (Rosewood's Dalton) at 9 months

Dragon Visits His Pappy

We had a visit from Dragon (usually called “Dunkie”) and his pack, Rosie (RedGold’s Christmas Elegance), Nathan, and Karen. After lunch at a favorite local restaurant, we took everyone out to the farm so the dogs could run around. It was a windy day, and everyone was in good spirits!

Windy! Dragon, Rose, Yorick, Hamlet, Rosie, Nathan, and Karen.

Dragon is a city dog, and had never been off leash where he could run around. He barked at the horses, startled at the guinea-fowl, and glared at the goats. Grass! You can dig in this! He was well-entertained, and we had a kick watching his antics.

Dragon could have spent the whole afternoon barking at Merlin!

Wow! Grass!! What's under here?









Here’s how the father and son line up! The visit happened on April 10, so Dragon (Litter D, June 10, 2011) was exactly 10 months old.

Father and Son Reunion

Back to back they faced each other . . .









Yorick, Hamlet, Rosie, and Dragon

Hammie and Yorick meet the Big Dogs

Kidogo mzee na kubwa bwana!

I’ve always had a fondness for Rhodesian Ridgebacks since I grew up in Kenya and one of these majestic animals was my next door neighbor. Since those early days in Nairobi, I haven’t had much opportunity to see these dogs again until my husband’s cousin got one a few years ago.

Last weekend at the Detroit Kennel Club Dog Shows, we got another opportunity to see lots of these dogs close up. We were there representing the Nederlandse Kooikerhondje at the Meet the Breed booths. We had a breed Fun Match with AKC judge Marie Povilitis, who was also there exhibiting her Rhodesians.

Another favorite breed (don’t worry guys, I’m still nuts about you kooikers and not looking for a different breed to replace you!!) is the bizarre-looking Borzoi. The ones shown here both won their Grand Champion titles during these shows, and are magnificent indeed!