Rosy Goes to Detroit

Conquored by Kooikers!

Rosy, along with Hamlet, Yorick, and other representatives of the Kooikerhondje Club of the USA, participated in the Detroit Kennel Club Dog Shows on March 3 & 4. Rosy was exactly eight months old on Friday, the day we drove up to Michigan.

On Saturday, she decided that with 1000 intact male dogs at the Cobo Hall in downtown Detroit, it would be a good time to go into heat! It took me a while to realize what was going on, since in my experience kooikers are slower to mature and go into heat when they are a little older. The male kooikers at the Meet the Breed booth, where we were all stationed, were interested in her, but no one was being obnoxious about it. Then I saw a telltale spot of blood on the concrete floor and thought to check her tail. Sure enough, her white breeches were marked here and there with red!

Poor dear traveled all that way, and spent most of the weekend in her crate! She was still able to earn a ribbon for Best Female Puppy (OK, she was the only girl puppy there, but I’m sure she deserved it nevertheless!) and second place to Rosewood’s Dragon for Best Puppy overall.

Of course, now that she’s a young lady, we can’t keep calling her a puppy, can we?

Rosy 9 months

Fourth Annual Fun Match, October 8 2011

The Kooikerhondje Club of the USA (KCUSA) held it’s fourth Fun Match last weekend in Weyers Cave, VA. Participating were 10 dogs from five different states: Massachusetts, New York, Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Virginia. Next year’s Match will be held in a different geographic location to accommodate the kooiker population not on the East Coast!

AKC judge Carol Noe was the professional eye evaluating the animals on that sun-splashed autumn afternoon. Many of the dogs and owners were in the ring for the first time, and Carol was patient in explaining what was expected of everybody.

Fall Fun Match Participants

We took four Rosewood dogs to the Match: Hamlet, Elsinore, Yorick, and the new puppy, Rosalind. One of the advantages of having a very small number of participants in each category was that every dog placed and got a ribbon!

Hamlet and my niece Carissa

Taga’s Quarto-Hamlet, Prince of Denmark: ……….. First Place, Altered Adult

Joyce and Elsie

Taga’s Weika, Lady Elsinore………………………….First Place, Altered Female

Rose and Yorick

Germanic (Yorick)…………………………………… Second Place, Intact Male


Pat and Dwayne Martin with AKC judge Carol Noe and Rosy

Ammervills Rosalind……………………………………………Best Puppy

Two other Rosewood dogs were there–Duncan and Dragon, litter-mates from Bianca’s and Yorick’s litter this June.

Dragon takes Nathan for a turn around the ring.

Wayne and Duncan show their confidence in the ring.


Yorick in the Chicken Run

Yorick has discovered he can climb up the chicken house and jump into the run to eat scraps the boys throw in for the hens.

Yorick in with the hens

Of course, once he’s in, he can’t get out. He’ll sit down there and whine and fuss until someone comes to rescue him! It’s a strange thing to find Yorick missing, and then cock an ear to the back yard and hear him barking and the hens making a ruckus down under the pine trees!

Let me out! I don't like chickens!

Rose’s Dog Blog–Daesha and the Seven Sons

Yorick, the kids, and I took a road trip to see Yorick’s puppies in Statesboro, GA.

Four By Eight

We picked up Jorie’s son Brett along the way. Jorie, on the home stretch to finishing her doctoral degree and with a boxful of demanding puppies in her study, hosted us graciously. The puppies and the boys got some good inter-species socialization!

Jorie and Rose, Litter D

I guess Yorick and Bianca took a cue from their prospective peeps to further populate the world with sons. Between us, Jorie and I have nine sons! Here are my four boys with Brett, whom Jorie adopted into her large family as a young adult. Yorick and Bianca round out the portrait with their seven sons and Daesha!

Jorie, Bianca, and Daesha with more boys than anyone knows what to do with!


Jorie’s Dog Blog–New Life in the Georgia Low Country

The greening of the Georgia low country is well under way. The windows are open, the night choruses of frogs and insects sing us to sleep and the morning cacophony of hundreds of bird voices invades the last sweet hours of sleep. And deep in Bianca’s belly, quietly and secretly there too is growing life…at least it must be assumed that there is. Bianca and I will be making a trip to her veterinarian to confirm this hope on May 4th, so be sure to watch for the update!

Meanwhile, the sire of this growing life, Yorick, remains in residence.  Usually the girl dog goes to visit the boy dog for breeding, but in this case, it was convenient for Rose to drop Yorick off here on her way to Florida. Yorick is a perfect gentleman and a wonderful companion to Bianca and his presence will be very much missed after returning him to his family next weekend.

I have attempted to get more pictures of Bianca and Yorick, but please note the word attempted. While they play together in the yard quite a bit, trying to capture both in the same frame has been quite challenging. I am afraid that my camera is too slow and they are too fast. At any rate, I am including several of the best ones for you.

Again, keep checking for more pictures and more updates.

Yorick--I love my life!

Yorick and Bianca in Statesboro, GA

Bianca, full of expectations!

Jorie’s Dog Blog–Litter D on the Way for Summer 2011

Another Puppy Adventure Has Begun!

Rosewood’s Yorick came to visit while his family was vacationing in Florida.  Conveniently, Bianca came into heat during that time and Yorick has stayed on as a working house guest.  He and Bianca have been very busy making puppies and according to my gestation calculator, puppies are expected between June 9th and the 13th.

With puppies arriving and a full schedule of school work it will be a very busy summer here.  Bianca is an excellent and attentive mother so she will do a lot of the work, but I will need to keep a close eye on them, especially in the first few weeks.  That means they will take up residence in my office so I can be both student and puppy watcher all in one.  In fact, I will be sleeping right next to them on the futon!

Check back for updates on the expected puppies!

Yorick and Bianca

To find out more about becoming a knowledgeable owner of a Rosewood puppy, click here.


Rose’s Dog Blog–Yorick meets Bianca

Over Thanksgiving weekend, I had a visit from Bianca and Jorie, on their way to have Thanksgiving with Jorie’s son Brett who is a student in Washington DC. The last time Bianca and Yorick met, Yorick was a fuzzy puppy.

Yorick and Bianca in November, 2010

This time, the two dogs lost no time re-establishing their relationship, and Bianca made some coy older-woman promises to this handsome adolescent about things she could teach him later!

If all goes well, the two will have a litter next Spring. Check back for more details!

Racing through the front lawn.

Rose’s Dog Blog–Yorick and the Hermit Crab

On a recent trip to the Outer Banks, my eight year old got two hermit crabs for his birthday. More than a month later, they are both still alive and doing well! On a wet, rainy day, I put one on the floor today to see what the dogs would do. Hamlet didn’t show much interest, but Yorick, freshly showered from playing in the rain, was transfixed!

[flickr album=72157624941354693 num=5 size=Thumbnail]

Rose’s Dog Blog–Yorick’s Incredible Journey

It was a beautiful July day, and my three sisters and I were anticipating a long hike along the Appalachian Trail.  Just the four of us. No kids, no responsibilities–just the mountains, the sky, and each other’s company. And the dogs, of course.

I called the dogs and we hopped into my husband’s car–an old Mercedes he had converted to run on used peanut oil we picked up in five gallon buckets from downtown restaurants. The car smelled like french fries driving down the road, and there were lots of reasons the dogs like to ride in it.

I drove to the south side of town, where I was picking up my sister. I stopped by Sharp Shopper for some peach/mango juice to take along. I browsed for a few other bargain items, paid, and went back to the car.

Yorick was gone.

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Rose’s Dog Blog–Hamlet and Yorick Jump Off Rocks

These pictures were taken on June 6, 2010. Hamlet is getting to be an old man, and turned nine on June 28. He can still run with the best of them, and doesn’t let Yorick push him around! Yorick is almost one year old in these photos (his birthday is July 24).

Yorick is a bright kid–in the space of a couple of minutes, I taught him to stand on a rock, stay, and jump off on command. Hammie might think this is ridiculous entertainment, but that doesn’t keep him from joining in and having fun! Click on the photo to enjoy the slideshow.

[flickr album=72157624379479916 num=5 size=Square]

Hamlet and Yorick on a Sunny Afternoon

Hamlet and Yorick on a Sunny Afternoon