Caia at Two

Here are photos of Caia as a full grown two year old!

Caia, pretty as a constellation!

Caia, sitting pretty

Ciuey Turns Two!

Here is Ciuey at two years.

Ciuey at two years

 Smile, Cuiey!

Charlemagne, “Digby”

Digby is doing very well. As soon as we can get him to sit still for photos we will try to get his page up to date. I don’t know if any other Kooikers do this but he does something we call bad face. We know other dogs that do that and their people tell us it is smiling. He just shows all of his teeth and wiggles so fast we can’t get a picture of it.


He recently visited our dog’s favorite resort They have a pond that is now full of clean water because it is our rainy season. For the first time he went wading in the pond. We were afraid that he did not like water. Now we are looking forward to teach him to swim in our pool. We have had so much rain, thunder and lightening that we are reluctant to try that until the weather is more stable.


Cato, or Bristow, Turns Two

Bristow at Two Years

Its hard to believe that Bristow is two years old!  He is growing in to an amazing dog and we can’t be happier that he is part of the family. He is extremely patient with us and respectful of other dogs’ space and teperaments. However, we’re still waiting for him to get that unattainable perfect balance between spirited and lazy!  When he’s ready to run, play, swim (whatever the game is)… look out!  With or without you – he’s playing!  And just when you think he’s down for a nap – any sudden movement and he bolts to a toy ready for action!  Much like Cecily, Bristow is a very attached dog and loves to be connected to anyone who will give him attention (or a treat).  We are constantly amazed at how quickly Bristow learns commands – although, he seems to forget the “come” command when he’s on the trail of something that smells fantastic!  He is developing a quirky sense of humor that sometimes can get him in to a little mischief… Recently, the dirty laundry mysteriously went from hamper to sprinkled all over the living room floor. Trying to hide the laughter, a stern look and my hands on my hips did the trick – he learned his lesson and hasn’t tried that since – unless he cleans it up before I get home from work!  So far, we have been lucky with a wonderful, healthy pup. We haven’t had him weighed in a bit but believe him to be about 35 lbs.

Tired After a Day of Play!

Cecily is Two!

Other than Cecily’s hernia repair and damage to the enamel on one of her teeth (which the dentist described as trauma to the tooth perhaps from a litter mate or an incident even before the tooth came out and which has been repaired beautifully), Cecily is very well and full of fun and naughtiness. She is very agile and a great swimmer – loves the sea and the creek and any pool of water. She’ll even sit in a rain puddle just to get wet. She is very attached to Bruce and me and must always have one (preferably both) of us in sight. I haven’t had her weighed for a while but she was last just at 30 lb at her last vet check.

She gets a lot of compliments.

Cecily Turned Two in November


Cyrus, or Ciuey (“Chewie”)

If you make a mess, Mom won’t have to clean it up–I promise!

Cyrus is now Ciuey (pronounced “Chewie” like Chewbacca’s nick name in Star Wars, but spelled like our last name Ciul).

Ciuey is a great companion. We thought he would be best buds with our 11 year old son, but since the three year old is with Ciuey so much, the two of them are inseparable.

He is extremely fast and loves to fetch–he would fetch for hours if our arms could stand it or if we could stand the slobber for longer! Our older son practices his baseball swing using tennis balls and Ciuey is the ever present retriever!!

He has lots of dog friends in the neighborhood that come by to play each day. If they don’t stop, he barks to announce his displeasure at being passed by!

He adores car rides anywhere! And is sad if he’s not a part of the afternoon carpool pick up.

The only negative is he’s not been too friendly at the dog park lately, so that is on our radar to address this summer.

Outside of that, all is going very well and he is precious to have! And is just beautiful. He is ‘out in public’ so much that I feel that we are a one-stop publicity firm for the kooikerhondje breed.

I love my pack.

“Chewy” at 3 months

Caia Grows Up

One of our favorite portraits of Caia, taken late 2012

Cassiopeia lives in Northern Virginia with Paula and Leonard and their two boys. Paula recently shared this photo update, which includes pictures from a coincidental meeting with them while we (Caia’s owners and Rose and her family) were on vacation at the same time in the Outer Banks! We ran across each other on the beach and quickly figured out we were both part of the kooikerhondje network of owners and fans.

Caia at the OBX in Sept. 2010, enjoying the sun and breeze.

Outer Banks with us, summer 2010.

Caia meeting Rosemary at the beach in Sept.

Swimming at the pool and loving it. What a water dog she is! We can’t keep her out of the water.

With her “cousin” Fito, my brother’s dog. She and he love to play and hang out.

One of her many outdoor walks in the park behind our home in Virginia.

Caia helped pick out our Christmas tree for 2010.

All sprawled out in the living room in her favorite position.

Early April in DC looking at the cherry blossoms. She is always an attention grabber when we take her onto town!



Joyce’s Dog Blog–Kooikerhondje Fun Match, July 24, 2010


Fuller family

The Fuller family came all the way from Texas

Rod and Marta Beckstead hosted the third Kooiker Match on July 24, 2010, warmly welcoming us to their hillside home in Allentown, PA. Yorick and Elsie, Benvolio (litter B) and Cato (litter C) represented Rosewood at the match.

Continue reading Joyce’s Dog Blog–Kooikerhondje Fun Match, July 24, 2010

Birthday Girl

Cecily has grown into a lovely dog, as devoted to her family as they are to her.  She is playful and full of life and a wonderful companion.  She is having a wonderful day today being a Birthday Girl on her first birthday.  It’s a lovely sunny day in Atlanta and her friends came over for an outdoor birthday party.  She did not approve of her birthday hat but she wore it gracefully – for a few seconds.

She had so much fun she is taking an afternoon nap and dreaming of her favorite birthday present – a bag of bones.

Ria – 11/17/2010

Cato “Bristow” Turns One

Cato "Bistow" is one!

Today Bristow celebrates his first birthday. It has been a very exciting and challenging year for him. The first challenge was enduring the long, rainy, 14 hour drive home which Bristow enjoyed mostly from the lap of his new mama and displayed no signs of anxiety. Immediately life changed; no longer were there playmates the same size as Bristow, the floor was a very bright shade of blue, no longer could pottying take place whenever he wanted but people got very, very happy each time he did go potty outside. Bristow adjusted to his new lifestyle almost immediately, and who wouldn’t since he was the kind king of the castle. The only bump in the road early on were trips to the vet, which were met with skepticism and anxiety that yet another thing would be stuck up his bum.

After a few months the lunch time potty visits from mom and dad lessened and Bristow enjoyed resting and relaxing on his own all day at home. Some days he would get to go play with other dogs all day to help increase his socialization skills. It has been paying off. His best friends are Otto a bearded collie, Ace a bichon frise, and Lexi an old english sheep dog. Every day he gets at least an hour playing in the field, or on a treadmill when it rains. Each night ends with a nice relaxing 30 minute walk. Recently Bristow joined a dog club to get an extra hour of play each night, as long as the sun stays out and plays too. To rejuvenate from this hectic lifestyle, Bristow enjoys vacationing with his family at Lake Erie. Getting him out of the water can be challenge.

Bristow has enjoyed many accomplishments this year. He was potty trained in only three days. He won first in his class at the annual Kooiker Fun Match. He recently successfully impersonated a bumble bee for Halloween.

Hap-bee Halloween!

Bristow also graduated very quickly from his Puppy class and is excelling in his all-skills level class. He is on his way to being a therapy dog.

As Bristow reaches adulthood he plans to travel, spend more time reading, and take his ball fetching skills professional (fly-ball here he comes)! Being the cutest, sweetest dog ever, he may try his hand at modeling but doesn’t want to turn into “one of those self centered ego maniac models” (his words, not ours). Whatever the next year holds for him, it will be fun, filled with exercise and love.