Charlemagne, “Digby”

Digby is doing very well. As soon as we can get him to sit still for photos we will try to get his page up to date. I don’t know if any other Kooikers do this but he does something we call bad face. We know other dogs that do that and their people tell us it is smiling. He just shows all of his teeth and wiggles so fast we can’t get a picture of it.


He recently visited our dog’s favorite resort They have a pond that is now full of clean water because it is our rainy season. For the first time he went wading in the pond. We were afraid that he did not like water. Now we are looking forward to teach him to swim in our pool. We have had so much rain, thunder and lightening that we are reluctant to try that until the weather is more stable.


Charlemagne “Digby”

Charlemagne is the first puppy in Rosewood’s C Litter.

Jorie’s Dog Blog-Puppies Leaving

Hello, and good-bye

Hello, and good-bye

The party is over, the house is empty, the farewells have been said and the tears have been cried. The laundry room is empty: no more ragged old towels litter the floor, the puppy toys are stashed, the bowls washed and the washing machine and dryer silent after their heroic efforts to supply the puppies with clean bedding each day. Continue reading Jorie’s Dog Blog-Puppies Leaving