Ciuey Turns Two!

Here is Ciuey at two years.

Ciuey at two years

 Smile, Cuiey!

Cyrus, or Ciuey (“Chewie”)

If you make a mess, Mom won’t have to clean it up–I promise!

Cyrus is now Ciuey (pronounced “Chewie” like Chewbacca’s nick name in Star Wars, but spelled like our last name Ciul).

Ciuey is a great companion. We thought he would be best buds with our 11 year old son, but since the three year old is with Ciuey so much, the two of them are inseparable.

He is extremely fast and loves to fetch–he would fetch for hours if our arms could stand it or if we could stand the slobber for longer! Our older son practices his baseball swing using tennis balls and Ciuey is the ever present retriever!!

He has lots of dog friends in the neighborhood that come by to play each day. If they don’t stop, he barks to announce his displeasure at being passed by!

He adores car rides anywhere! And is sad if he’s not a part of the afternoon carpool pick up.

The only negative is he’s not been too friendly at the dog park lately, so that is on our radar to address this summer.

Outside of that, all is going very well and he is precious to have! And is just beautiful. He is ‘out in public’ so much that I feel that we are a one-stop publicity firm for the kooikerhondje breed.

I love my pack.

“Chewy” at 3 months

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