It’s the Great Pumpkin, Cecily

Cecily had a wonderful first Halloween.  The weather was glorious and she played outside all afternoon with her friends Charlie and Yogi.  She didn’t mind her great pumpkin bow too much and unlike Linus, she didn’t have to wait all night for the Great Pumpkin to come.  Two great pumpkins came to her doorstep.  She bit the stem off one and demolished it pretty quickly and then went in for some serious pumpkin licking.  She also went in for some serious barking at the trick-or- treaters but she’s well known in the neighborhood and didn’t manage to scare anyone.  Her greatest moment was when she got her nose in a neighbor’s glass of warm apple cider – even tastier than the pumpkin.

Ria 11/2/2010

Cecily Goes To School

Cecily has started a course in agility training and loves it.  There are about seven dogs in the class and so far they have learnt four  skills – UP ( running up and down a steep board), WALK (running up a steep board, across a long narrow board and down another steep board), TUNNEL (running through a wind tunnel) and JUMP (jumping over three jump obstacles).  Cecily’s favorite is WALK.  She surprised the trainer by running over the entire WALK board all by herself!  We are excited to see Cecily learning new skills and looking forward to finding out what new challenges are set each week.

Ria, October 15, 2010

Cecily in the Wind Tunnel

Litter C, November 17, 2009

Litter C

Bianca with Litter C

I-Ron vom Wichtelhaus










Dam: Rosewood’s Bianca                      Sire: UKC CH I-Ron vom Wichtelhaus

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Litter C Puppies. Click on the pictures to visit each dog’s blog posts.

Cassiopeia or “Caia.”

Caia lives with Paula and Leonard Dudzinski and their two sons in Northern Virginia.

Cassiopeia at a year old--as pretty as a constellation!

Cato now goes by “Bristow.”

Bristow lives with Gregg and Kristin Fouch.

Bristow in the sun at four months.


Cecily is happily at home with Bruce and Ria Gordon in Roswell, Georgia.

Cecily, summer of 2010

Charlemagne is known as “Digby.”

No photo yet available.

Cyrus responds to call name “Ciuey.”

Ciuey, pronounced like Chewbaca’s nick name, “Chewy,” lives with his two human litter mates to make a lively three-boy family!

"Chewy" at 3 months


Cecily is the third puppy in Rosewood’s C litter.

Cecily is now seven months and she is beautiful. Her coloring is lovely and the hair on her ears is crimped into little locks. Her black earrings are growing longer and her tail is a feather plume. Cecily is always busy. Her almond eyes are full of mischief. She is the quintessential nature girl, happiest when she is running like the wind, scrambling up rocks, chasing birds and squirrels and digging holes.

In this year’s summer heat wave in Atlanta there’s nothing that Cecily likes better than simply messing about in the creek.  Cecily is a water baby.  A few times a day she finds her own way to the creek that runs below our house to cool down and do some doggy paddling.  She loves to have sticks or pebbles thrown for her to chase and show off her swimming prowess.  And the great thing about her coat is that it’s drip-dry – a few shakes to make sure the humans got wet too, a roll in the grass, and a good brush down and she’s good to go.

Ria, 8/9/2010

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Cecily in basket


Cassiopeia is the fourth puppy in Rosewood’s C Litter.

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Cato “Bristow”


Visit Cato's photo album here!

Cato, renamed Bristow, is the second-born puppy of Rosewood’s C Litter. He is owned by Gregg and Kristin.

Charlemagne “Digby”

Charlemagne is the first puppy in Rosewood’s C Litter.

Jorie’s Dog Blog-Puppies Leaving

Hello, and good-bye

Hello, and good-bye

The party is over, the house is empty, the farewells have been said and the tears have been cried. The laundry room is empty: no more ragged old towels litter the floor, the puppy toys are stashed, the bowls washed and the washing machine and dryer silent after their heroic efforts to supply the puppies with clean bedding each day. Continue reading Jorie’s Dog Blog-Puppies Leaving

I-Ron, Stud Dog for Litter C

UKC CH I-Ron Ravenswood vom Wichtelhaus
DOB 18 Sept. 2007
Sire: Whisper Knut v.h. RunxputtehofS: Racy Tigger v.h. RunxputtehofS: Nyarr Scooter Urjette v. Muskyteira
D: Floortje v.d. Stam Dolerna
D: Pearly Antje v.h. RunxputtehofS: Nino Noika v. Dyjadin
D: Lucky Leentje v.h. Runxputtehof
Dam: Dagira Renskje van EenthuisS: Matthijs Tommie v.d. HorstebergheS: Taga's Glynnan
D: Princess Sjera v.d'oude Graef
D: Antje's Renskje v. HasenschreckS: Ingmar
D: Bonnie-Anka v.t'Keijzersland

I-Ron was brought to the U.S. from the von Wichtelhaus kennel in Switzerland. He belongs to Rod and Marta Beckstead, owners of Ravenswood, and lives in Allentown, Pennsylvania. Smaller than Bianca, and a handsome dog, Iron has a sweet, open expression and courteous temperament.

On January 16, 2010, I-Ron of Ravenswood kennels finished the requirements for a United Kennel Club Championship. He now will be addressed as UKC CH I-Ron Ravenswood Von Wichtelhaus. He also received a Group 3 Placement on the same day.

I-Ron von Wichtelhaus