Darby at a year and a half

“Here’s some pictures I took of Darby a few weeks ago on a few hiking trips.  Anyplace where he gets to climb like a billy goat and he’s in his glory.  I was going to send them a few weeks ago but I got deployed to Brooklyn [after Hurricane Sandy] on my disaster response team.  Darby stayed at my parents getting spoiled as always.  I keep telling them to work on his commands but they say they feel guilty making him work for treats!  He knows all he has to do is sit up and beg, he gets anything he wants then.  He’s so photogenic, everyone says the head shot looks like a magazine photo.”

Leslie, Nov. 15 2012

Darby smiling in the sun



New Pics of Darby

From Lesley:

Gimme five! Gimme ten!

Darby’s doing amazing! I need to start taking him to a professional trainer, though. He’s been doing great with all his tricks but it gets a little hard when he starts to anticipate what I’m going to ask before I open my mouth. He learned “roll over” but now when I tell him down so that he can lay down to do the roll he now dives to the floor and rolls. Unfortunately I might want to give him the crawl command, and he’s rolling across the floor!

He’s been having a little difficulty with chasing things which is why we really need to see the trainer. A few months ago he chased after a squirrel and pulled me off balance, I hit a rock on the ground and got a nice big black eye! That was hard to explain but everyone thought it was hysterical.


Where are you, squirrel!

Since everyone’s giving you couch pictures I thought I might add some more. He’s not too interested in sitting nice and proper on the couch but he’s followed the cat’s example and sprawls across the pillows on the back. He likes to sit up there and look out the window.

Darby sacked out on the back of the couch.

Darby, one year









I just can't chase it any more. I'm so tired out!

Papa Yorick, Couch Potato King

For their one-year updates, a few of Yorick’s puppies submitted photos of their gorgeous selves lounging on their favorite couches. Not to be outdone, Yorick indulged me in a photo shoot of him on his favorite couch, and here he is: Papa Yorick, the couch potato king!

Papa Yorick, Three Years Old

Here are five males from Yorick’s first litter, all lounging on their favorite divans. How majestic!  They were a year old on June 10, 2012.

Dugan at a year

Drake, or Frankie at a year

Darby sacked out on the back of the couch.

Duncan at 16 months

Toby (Rosewood's Dalton) at 9 months

Darby Chillin After Surgery

Darby had his surgery today, the vet said everything went well. They said he weighed in at 33 pounds. I thought he’d be more (he’s a solid little dog). He was neutered, microchipped and the hernia was repaired. They just commented on the fact that he was very scared, which I was expecting. His nails were also trimmed, he hates it when I try even though he bites his own toenails.

He’s still very groggy–he laid down on the lawn and tried to fall asleep on the way into the house but he still managed to eat all the cat food on the way in! He’ll probably have to wear the cone collar they gave me but right now I got him sleeping on my bed, he’s so tired. By tomorrow he’ll probably be bouncing off the walls again, and I’m supposed to keep him quiet for about seven days! (May 16, 2012)

And here he is, back to his usual joyous self! (Photos taken May 19, 2010)


Darby at a year

Darby at a year

Here are the newest pictures of Darby. He will be a year old next month. A kooiker is fully grown at two, and their coat is mature. Their black earrings will continue to lengthen, and their coat may grow a bit longer, but in most respects a two year old kooiker is a grown up dog!

At one year, Darby is still a puppy in many ways. His coat will continue to lengthen, and his body may fill out more, but he has reached his full height (when he is officially measured, we will post his height). When a male dog is neutered, his coat may grow longer and curlier than it was when he was intact, especially around his sides. Leslie plans to neuter him next month, and fix a small umbilical hernia he has had since birth.

Leslie took these photos on April 23, 2012. Darby’s birthday is June 10. He looks a lot like Yorick!

Darby right side, April 2012

Darby left side

Darby, Nine Months

Darby, 9 months

Here’s the newest pics of Darby. He was nine months old on May 10.

He found a frisbee in an empty lot across the street now he’s obsessed with playing with it. The little devil even jumps in my bed with it as I’m ready to go to sleep, as if I want to play fetch right then and there!

His coat is getting really long, and as you can see on one picture he looks like he’s on fire.  I shampooed him with Biolage last week and his coat was sticking up all over.  He looked like he had flares from a 57 Chevy on his hips, I couldn’t stop laughing.

He’s still an amazing puppy, and he’s growing into a beautiful adult dog.

Darby, six months and counting

Check out those ear-rings!

Look who got a nice pair of earrings for Christmas, they’re growing nicely. His coat is also growing longer and stays so clean. We went for a short hike where Darby ended up covered in black mud, yuck! By the time we got home the dirt just fell off and he was a nice bright red & white again.

I’ve had the flu for a few weeks so we’ve only been doing 1-2 short walks a day but he’s been demanding to play tug-of-war instead. I know that he’s going to make me play catch up as soon as I’m a little better. I also bought him a large bag of oxtails, I pop a few in the toaster oven and he stays occupied for hours.

Please, I'm begging, here!! What more do you want?

The new trick he learned is crawling across the floor, I still can’t believe he can pick up commands so easily. I need to think of some new ones to teach him. I’ve been making him do freestyle tricks, I hold up a treat and he runs through every trick he knows (then makes some up!).

Over the past few weeks he’s also been getting better with greeting people, not so scared anymore. He’s still a bit cautious but his natural curiosity eventually wins out.



Darby, Six Months at Christmas

"I'm so happy, I think I'll explode!"

My baby’s six months old today! He’s spending the night terrorizing my nieces but they love every minute of it. We’re going to a Christmas party at work tomorrow. He also now has more toys than your average five year old.

I still can’t believe how smart he is, he’s been picking up tricks faster that any dog I’ve ever had. In one of the pictures I was trying to get him to beg, but I couldn’t get him to do it exactly when I took the shot. I’ve heard that it can take months to teach a dog that, he’s got it but just needs to work on the balance. This week’s trick was learning how to crawl on command and he’s nailed that one too.

He’s still a little leery on meeting new people but if I tell them to let Darby come to them first he’s great and will lick their hand. I brought him into a local pet store chain, Daves’s Soda & Pet Food City, (mainly for socialization) and we met a woman who actually knew what a kooikerhondje is. She said she’s always wanted to meet one, and yes, now she wants to get one!

I hope you all enjoy your holidays, we’ll be enjoying ours!

Thanks again for such a wonderful puppy.


Darby is a Snow Angel

"Are you sure I'm not part Husky? I love this stuff!"

Darby had his final Lyme disease booster this week and weighed in at 20.2 lbs. He’s done with all his vaccinations for the year and is otherwise doing well.  I still have to schedule his hernia repair and neutering but the vet said it isn’t an emergency.  We’re currently having an early season blizzard right now and we just went for a walk.  I was just going to go across the street to the woods so he could go poop but he had so much fun we did the whole route.  And you’re right about being waterproof, he dried off faster than I did, which is a good thing because he’s now sprawled out all over my couch!

Chatham Beach

Yesterday we drove all the way down the Chatham on the Cape.  Darby is great in the car, even on long trips.  When we drove back from Georgia he curled up on my center console and slept; now he’s too big to even sit on it.

The beach had just opened up to dogs this weekend. I guess they don’t allow them during the swimming season.  He loves attacking seaweed and in one picture it looks like he’s trying to get a nice tan.

His black stripe down his back is fading, and I thought it was so cute too.  His tail is starting to get a nice little plume and he’s growing some shiny, red-gold hairs on his back.  He’s starting to look iridescent in the sunlight.

This vacation was so much more fun with Darby along!

–Lesley Vanderpoel