Darby Goes to Plymouth

We spent one day in Plymouth, even after Labor Day it was crowded.  We parked by the harbor and walked all the way up to Burial Hill and eventually made it back down to the harbor.  After that we walked all the way out to the end of the breakwater where Darby finally pooped out.  We stopped at Plymouth Rock and I swear that Darby had his picture taken more than the Rock, even with other dogs there.  I think I had to stop every five minutes to explain to everyone what a kooikerhondje is, I think we’re going to be getting a lot of hits on the website after this.  The majority of the people who approached him got a friendly tail wag and a sniff on the hand.  For some reason with a few other friendly people he got scared and shied away, but given a few minutes he was just fine.  As you can see, he’s a very photogenic puppy!

–Lesley Vanderpoel

Darby and Bear

This is my dad’s dog Bear.  Unfortunately he’s very “dog aggressive”.  As you can see that doesn’t bother Darby one bit.  They were best friends right from the start, Bear has never showed him any aggression what so ever.  Darby on the other hand chases him, bites him, pulls on his ears and hangs off his cheeks!  Bear even started playing back which I’ve never seen him do before.  Another large dog came up to Darby on the beach and Bear tried going after it.  It looked like he was trying to be an over protective, big brother.

Since Darby stays with my parents during my 12 hour shifts at work, I’m so glad they get along so well.
–Lesley Vanderpoel

Darby Update

Darby has developed what looks like an umbilical hernia. This is the second Rosewood puppy to have an umbilical hernia, as Cecily had one as well. Petplace describes a hernia as follows:

“An umbilical hernia is a condition in which abdominal contents protrude through the abdominal wall at the area of the umbilicus. Small hernias are generally not a problem. It is recommended to electively repair a larger hernia due to the risk of intestinal loop strangulation.

The exact cause of an umbilical hernia is unknown although most are thought to be inherited. It is most commonly a congenital malformation caused by flawed embryogenesis. The umbilical opening is normal until birth as it contains blood vessels that pass through from the mother to the fetus. This opening closes at birth in the normal pet and a hernia results if the opening fails to close.”

An umbilical hernia is easy to repair, and in most  cases causes little concern. We will keep you posted about Darby’s experience with a hernia!

Darby at Ten Weeks


Here’s Darby with the prehistoric footprint of an old relative–the Darbysaurus!

Lesley Vanderpoel


Darby Goes Hiking

Darby went on his first official hike today (Saturday, Aug. 7). It was a short one at a historical site by my parents’ house.  He’s still a bit afraid of steps and curbs and such.  But he climbed up on this boulder all by himself.  He was scampering over rocks and logs like they weren’t even there.  Usually on walks he stays right behind me at all times, but today he was running ahead with his tail wagging like crazy. A few times while going up a very steep hill he lost his footing and tumbled backwards a few feet but he sprang back up like a rocket and was off! I definitely have me a hiking dog.

–Lesley Vanderpoel

Darby Rocks!

Darby Goes Hiking

Darby Goes Home

Darby and Lesley

Darby found a home with Lesley Vanderpoel, in Chicopee, MA. Lesley sent the following note from her iPhone on her long drive back North:

“I have to tell you that this puppy is amazing! We bonded really well on the way back to my aunt’s house and now he follows me everywhere.  At first he was a bit shy of other people but that’s changing. When we left this morning he was playing tag with my aunt’s black lab. He seems so happy and content, eating and drinking well.
We’ve been hitting all the rest stops for pee breaks and it’s taking twice as long because everyone’s coming to ask questions about him. Each time he meets a new person his confidence grows and the tail starts wagging like crazy!
He’s the best investment I’ve ever made.
Thanks again!”

And thank you, Lesley, for giving Darby a loving home!

Darby Eight Weeks, 5.06 pounds

Darby's right side--hold still, will ya?

Darby's left side--pounce!









Darby Baby Face

Darby 3 Weeks–2.52 pounds

Darby's Head

Darby's Back

Darby at Birth

Puppy Four:  Darby, Male, 8:51, 5.11 oz.

Rosewood's Darby