Dragon at Birth

Puppy Eight: Dragon, Male, 10:03, 3.67 oz.

Rosewood's Dragon

Dragon was so small at birth that he nearly died. If not for Jorie’s midwifery skills and quick work, his firey little spirit would have flickered out. Jorie swung him gently, head down, between her palms to clear his lungs of fluid. She gave him tiny finger-tip chest compressions to get his little heart beating. He gave a gulp and a shudder, and Dragon awoke with a mighty roar! Well, not really, but he survived, and became the Puppy That Lived. Jorie hand fed him, and his equally tiny sister, Daesha, until they were ready to drink on their own. Jorie spent the first few nights in the whelping box with the puppies to make sure the littlest ones got the care they needed and didn’t get squashed by their much bigger siblings.