Papa Yorick, Couch Potato King

For their one-year updates, a few of Yorick’s puppies submitted photos of their gorgeous selves lounging on their favorite couches. Not to be outdone, Yorick indulged me in a photo shoot of him on his favorite couch, and here he is: Papa Yorick, the couch potato king!

Papa Yorick, Three Years Old

Here are five males from Yorick’s first litter, all lounging on their favorite divans. How majestic!  They were a year old on June 10, 2012.

Dugan at a year

Drake, or Frankie at a year

Darby sacked out on the back of the couch.

Duncan at 16 months

Toby (Rosewood's Dalton) at 9 months

Frankie is One Year Old

“Frankie is doing well. Recent visit to the vet he was 44 pounds (!!!!) and as best we can measure him he appears to be somewhere between 19 and 20 inches at the shoulder (!!!!!!).
I am attaching a few photos, but I will continue to try to take more formal profile shots and send them along if successful.”

–Robert Grenley

Little Stick

Big Stick









Frankie enjoying the beach.

Who, me?

See how much Frankie looks like his brother, Dugan. They are both couch potatoes, at least!

Dugan at a year

Drake, or Frankie at a year









And just for good measure, the King of the Couch Potatoes, Papa Yorick!


Papa Yorick, Three Years Old





Puppy size in Litter D

Frankie is a Big Boy

Frankie, who lives in Seattle, Washington, is growing into a large and lovely kooiker. From his dad, Robert:

Frankie is 18 in. at 8 months.

“I have not gotten a sense for how large Frankie’s siblings are at this point. We have been surprised at how large Frankie has grown so quickly.  He was close to 30 lbs (but slender) weighed at the vet a month or so ago at about six or seven months of age, and he is currently about 18 inches at the shoulders. It seems that he is already quite a ways above the breed standard as published on your website.  Have you gotten any feedback from the owners of the other kooikers from litter D about their dogs’ height and weights?  We love him, he is a very sweet guy, and he is a valued member of our family that we are VERY attached to.  As his proportions develop and his coat fills out, he should be a very majestic looking dog.  We could not picture not having him with us. But since he is our fourth Kooiker and is so much larger than what we are used to, I was just curious and wanted to ask. How large is Yorick? At what point do they usually stop growing vertically and just fill out?” –Robert

Frankie, a puppy and Frannie, a 4 yr. female adult

The mid-size of a standard kooiker is an important aspect of their breed identity, and a reason many people are drawn to the breed. A full grown male kooiker should  be 40 cm at the shoulders, and may not be taller than 42 cm., or 16.5 inches to compete in performance events. Both Frankie and his father, Yorick, are 45.7 cm., and therefore over the official breed standard as set out by the US club and the Dutch club. Bianca is 48.3 cm.

Sometimes breeders will introduce a larger, stouter dog in order to add bone, and to give more substance to a line of otherwise light and wispy dogs. The kooiker is a working dog and needs to be sturdy. But their job also demands that they remain small, light and agile, as illustrated in this photo (compliments of Birgitta and Cirtap’s).

Litter D people, how big are your dogs? You can put your questions and observations here in the Comments section, or contact me to send me photos and comments and I will post them for you.

Duncan is a Big Boy

“Duncan is big.  He weighs about 31 pounds.  He doesn’t stay still enough for us to measure him.  Maybe at the show (Detroit Kennel Club Dog Shows, where kooikerhondjes will be at the Meet the Breed booth) Rod will bring his measure instrument  and we can measure him.  We’re happy with his size but understand that he is big for the standard size kooiker.” –Wayne and Barbra Ritenour

Duncan six months

Duncan at Dinner

Goodbye To Phoebe

Frankie and the Grenley family said goodbye to Phoebe in December. Phoebe was not a Rosewood dog, but was the beloved friend and housemate of one of our Litter D puppies. In Robert’s words:

We lost Phoebe, our 12 year old Kooiker, in December. It was very sudden…she showed no sign of illness, had gone for a nice, long walk earlier that day, had eaten earlier that evening, showed no sign of distress, and was found a short time later outside the dog door having passed away. The vet examined her…no sign of trauma or foul play. They think she may have had a stroke or something like that. Fortunately Frannie, our 4 year old Kooiker, has Frankie (née Drake) to keep her company, and she has assumed the role of matriarch, even though Frankie towers over her.

Good bye, Phoebe! We'll miss you.

Frankie and Frannie and Phoebe

Frankie was weighed today at the vet (Oct. 7, 2011) and he weighs 21.9 lbs (!!) and he is not fat.  He is a giant.

Frankie and his beloved older sister share a little down time.

Four year old Frannie on left, 12 year old Phoebe on right and "little" Frankie in the rear.

Drake “Frankie” at 16 weeks

Frankie Four Months Old

Frankie had a Doctor’s appointment on Friday. He weighed 13.1 pounds. Dr. thinks he is going to be a big boy! He is healthy and happy and very photogenic! He does have a small umbilical hernia, which will need to be repaired along with his neutering and chipping at about six months.

Here are a few pics of our new son.


Frankie in a Pensive Mood

It's gonna be a bright, sun-shiny day!

Frankie (the Puppy Formerly Known as Drake) Goes Home


After a fair amount of struggling to figure out how we would travel from Seattle, WA to Statesboro, Georgia to pick up our new puppy Frankie (formerly known as Drake), Marjorie’s son Brett graciously offered to escort him out to Seattle for us.  Frankie was to be our fourth total and third current Kooiker.  Our first, Kirby, we brought from England in 1996 but he passed away at 11 years of age.  Phoebe, Kirby’s daughter, joined us in 1999 and is a healthy, happy 12 years old.  Franny came from Pennsylvania in 2007 and just turned four.  We were a little nervous about how Frankie would fit into the Kooiker brood, particularly since Franny is used to being the center of attention.  Well, the transitions have been very smooth.  Phoebe lets Frankie cuddle up with her, at least to a degree, and Franny is already starting to play with him.  At first Frankie would run away scared when Franny started barking, but now he is standing up to her, and, for that matter, to any dog who dares to take away a treat or toy that he is interested in.  He is quite sure of himself, despite his diminutive size compared to his new sisters.  He is quite a character, full of energy, and he is already fitting in so well with our family.  Our thanks to Marjorie for all of her work in raising such great and beautiful Kooiker puppies, and to Brett for hand-carrying our precious Frankie out to us!

Robert Grenley

Frankie with Devin

Drake at Eight Weeks, 6.15 pounds

Drake went to Seattle, Washington to live with Dr. Robert and Sherry Grenley. Here is Drake at eight weeks right before he left for the West Coast. At his vet check, he weighed in at 6.15 pounds.

Drake Right Side

Drake Left Side








Drake's face, eight weeks

Drake 3 Weeks–2.74 pounds

Drake's Face

Drake's Back

Drake at Birth

Rosewood's Drake

Puppy Six: Drake, Male, 9:25, 7.55 oz.