Dugan One Year Photos

Dugan One Year

Dugan, One Year, Left Profile









Dugan's Face, One Year

Dugan's Pack

Papa Yorick, Couch Potato King

For their one-year updates, a few of Yorick’s puppies submitted photos of their gorgeous selves lounging on their favorite couches. Not to be outdone, Yorick indulged me in a photo shoot of him on his favorite couch, and here he is: Papa Yorick, the couch potato king!

Papa Yorick, Three Years Old

Here are five males from Yorick’s first litter, all lounging on their favorite divans. How majestic!  They were a year old on June 10, 2012.

Dugan at a year

Drake, or Frankie at a year

Darby sacked out on the back of the couch.

Duncan at 16 months

Toby (Rosewood's Dalton) at 9 months

Dugan, Summer 2012

Dugan enjoyed his summer thoroughly. “Here I am with Aki and the twin girls in Lake Michigan. Woo, that’s cold for a Georgia-born puppy! You Northerners are crazy to get in here! That’s more like it–sitting on the shore, watching the water. I wish summer could last forever.”







“Mackinac Island is a bicycle and pedestrian only vacation spot in Lake Michigan. Se we’re going to go on a bike ride. Hilly! I should get out and pull. Just kidding!”








At home on my favorite couch. I am a good-looking dog!


Dugan is 8 Months Old

Dugan at eight months

Dugan is the typical teenager–he acts like a kid, but looks like an adult. He doesn’t like to have his nails trimmed! “We love him and enjoy our life with him.” –Aki Ohira

Dugan in the snow










A warm pillow!

Dugan at Three Months

Dugan is doing very well! He is a center of my family and everyone thinks of Dugan first now.

Dugan in September 2011, 3 months old.

He likes running around and playing ball in a park. At home he likes chewing bones, toys as well as socks and clothes…

We went to a beginners training class for 8 weeks in Sept and Oct. It was very good experience but we are still learning so many things beyond the class everyday.

Big news for him is that he was successfully neutered on 11/4 and put his ID micro chip in his body too. The immunizations are complete as well.

Dugan gets beesy for Halloween! Four months old.


Dugan Goes Home

Dugan went to Michigan to live with Aki and Saori Ohira and their three children, Taiki, Sana, and Asa. Aki had a Shiba Inu as a child in Japan, but this is their first dog as a family. They stayed overnight in Virginia, and asked lots of questions and spent the afternoon playing with and observing the dogs and puppies. They treated me to dinner at the Kyoto Japenese Steak House.  They were wonderful house guests, and we hope to see more of each other in the future.

The Ohira family and Dugan.

Aki manages the US sales operations of a Japenese based electronics company which is a supplier to automotive industries. Saori, an accountant, is happy to be a stay-at-home mom for the time being, and the three children are going to school in English during the week and Japenese on Saturdays.

The whole family!

Agility Exploration

Today Rosewood had a visit from Wendy Pendelton, who competes in agility with her Golden Retreiver, Cheetah. Wendy and Cheetah (MACH 2) competed in the European Open in the Czech Republic in 2010. Wendy and her friend, Toni, came to evaluate the puppies for their aptitude in the sport of agility.

The Agility Tunnel

They spread out equipment all over the yard, and let the puppies explore.

Maybe the mouth of the tunnel reminds them of the endenkooi trap!

Are there ducks in there somewhere?













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Dugan at Eight Weeks, 5.05 pounds.

Dougan Right Side, Eight Weeks

Dugan Left Side, Eight Weeks








Dugan's Face, Eight Weeks

Dugan 3 Weeks–2.39 pounds

Dugan's Head

Dugan's Body

Dugan at Birth

Puppy Two: Dugan, Male, 7:59, 6.46 0z.

Rosewood's Dugan