Walter and Posie Are Nine Months Old

Walter and Posie on a walk through the bog.

Walter and Posie are thriving and extremely active. Here are some recent pictures of them at Ponkapoag Bog boardwalk … “ponkapoag” rhymes with “bog.”

Although most of our morning hikes are adjacent to water (Wellesley reservoir, Charles River trails, ponds at Noanet on the way to the peak, the xc ski trails in NH), this infrequent spot was of particular interest to them. It is a mile-long marsh boardwalk. They loved it but were patient enough to let me get a few snapshots with the iPhone.

I’m giving you informal measurements, but from the front paw to the shoulders on Walter is 18.5″ or 19″ — on Posie 16″.

–Erin Clarke Gordon

Posie poses on the boardwalk

Darby, Nine Months

Darby, 9 months

Here’s the newest pics of Darby. He was nine months old on May 10.

He found a frisbee in an empty lot across the street now he’s obsessed with playing with it. The little devil even jumps in my bed with it as I’m ready to go to sleep, as if I want to play fetch right then and there!

His coat is getting really long, and as you can see on one picture he looks like he’s on fire.  I shampooed him with Biolage last week and his coat was sticking up all over.  He looked like he had flares from a 57 Chevy on his hips, I couldn’t stop laughing.

He’s still an amazing puppy, and he’s growing into a beautiful adult dog.

Duncan Goes to his First Big Show!

There were a number of Rosewood dogs at the recent Detroit Kennel Club Dog Shows on March 3 and 4. Duncan came up with the Rittenours from Maryland; his littermate Dragon came in with his peeps, Karen and Nathan, from New York City. Yorick, father to these two boys, was there; and Rosy and Hamlet, also Rosewood dogs, made an appearance as well.

Duncan Takes Detroit

Duncan, Wayne and Barbra

Dragon is Best Puppy!

We all know he’s the Best Puppy, but Detroit Kennel Club judge Marie Povilaitis confirmed our suspicions by awarding him a rosette last weekend in Detroit at our Kooikerhondje Fun Match, which was held during one of the biggest benched shows in the country.

Sitting Pretty!

Dragon Glows with Pride











Dragon Charges Forth to Stardom


Dugan is 8 Months Old

Dugan at eight months

Dugan is the typical teenager–he acts like a kid, but looks like an adult. He doesn’t like to have his nails trimmed! “We love him and enjoy our life with him.” –Aki Ohira

Dugan in the snow










A warm pillow!

Puppy size in Litter D

Frankie is a Big Boy

Frankie, who lives in Seattle, Washington, is growing into a large and lovely kooiker. From his dad, Robert:

Frankie is 18 in. at 8 months.

“I have not gotten a sense for how large Frankie’s siblings are at this point. We have been surprised at how large Frankie has grown so quickly.  He was close to 30 lbs (but slender) weighed at the vet a month or so ago at about six or seven months of age, and he is currently about 18 inches at the shoulders. It seems that he is already quite a ways above the breed standard as published on your website.  Have you gotten any feedback from the owners of the other kooikers from litter D about their dogs’ height and weights?  We love him, he is a very sweet guy, and he is a valued member of our family that we are VERY attached to.  As his proportions develop and his coat fills out, he should be a very majestic looking dog.  We could not picture not having him with us. But since he is our fourth Kooiker and is so much larger than what we are used to, I was just curious and wanted to ask. How large is Yorick? At what point do they usually stop growing vertically and just fill out?” –Robert

Frankie, a puppy and Frannie, a 4 yr. female adult

The mid-size of a standard kooiker is an important aspect of their breed identity, and a reason many people are drawn to the breed. A full grown male kooiker should  be 40 cm at the shoulders, and may not be taller than 42 cm., or 16.5 inches to compete in performance events. Both Frankie and his father, Yorick, are 45.7 cm., and therefore over the official breed standard as set out by the US club and the Dutch club. Bianca is 48.3 cm.

Sometimes breeders will introduce a larger, stouter dog in order to add bone, and to give more substance to a line of otherwise light and wispy dogs. The kooiker is a working dog and needs to be sturdy. But their job also demands that they remain small, light and agile, as illustrated in this photo (compliments of Birgitta and Cirtap’s).

Litter D people, how big are your dogs? You can put your questions and observations here in the Comments section, or contact me to send me photos and comments and I will post them for you.

Duncan is a Big Boy

“Duncan is big.  He weighs about 31 pounds.  He doesn’t stay still enough for us to measure him.  Maybe at the show (Detroit Kennel Club Dog Shows, where kooikerhondjes will be at the Meet the Breed booth) Rod will bring his measure instrument  and we can measure him.  We’re happy with his size but understand that he is big for the standard size kooiker.” –Wayne and Barbra Ritenour

Duncan six months

Duncan at Dinner

Goodbye To Phoebe

Frankie and the Grenley family said goodbye to Phoebe in December. Phoebe was not a Rosewood dog, but was the beloved friend and housemate of one of our Litter D puppies. In Robert’s words:

We lost Phoebe, our 12 year old Kooiker, in December. It was very sudden…she showed no sign of illness, had gone for a nice, long walk earlier that day, had eaten earlier that evening, showed no sign of distress, and was found a short time later outside the dog door having passed away. The vet examined her…no sign of trauma or foul play. They think she may have had a stroke or something like that. Fortunately Frannie, our 4 year old Kooiker, has Frankie (née Drake) to keep her company, and she has assumed the role of matriarch, even though Frankie towers over her.

Good bye, Phoebe! We'll miss you.

Darby, six months and counting

Check out those ear-rings!

Look who got a nice pair of earrings for Christmas, they’re growing nicely. His coat is also growing longer and stays so clean. We went for a short hike where Darby ended up covered in black mud, yuck! By the time we got home the dirt just fell off and he was a nice bright red & white again.

I’ve had the flu for a few weeks so we’ve only been doing 1-2 short walks a day but he’s been demanding to play tug-of-war instead. I know that he’s going to make me play catch up as soon as I’m a little better. I also bought him a large bag of oxtails, I pop a few in the toaster oven and he stays occupied for hours.

Please, I'm begging, here!! What more do you want?

The new trick he learned is crawling across the floor, I still can’t believe he can pick up commands so easily. I need to think of some new ones to teach him. I’ve been making him do freestyle tricks, I hold up a treat and he runs through every trick he knows (then makes some up!).

Over the past few weeks he’s also been getting better with greeting people, not so scared anymore. He’s still a bit cautious but his natural curiosity eventually wins out.



Walter and Posie at Six Months

Merry Christmas from the Gordons!

Walter and Posie with the Gordons

The puppies are six months. Posie (Daesha) was one of the tiny puppies in this litter, and you can see at half a year that she is still petite. Erin describes her: “Posie must be French Kooiker, because her figure is just as trim and leggy as a Parisienne.”











Walter (Deacon)  takes more after his daddy, and is a big, solid kooiker!

Walter and Posie when they were four months old

The puppies at six months

Dragon at the AKC Meet The Breed, NYC

At the Kooiker Booth (photo courtesy of Pierre Revol)

It was an amazing day! I can’t tell you how many people came to our table squealing excitedly, “I came here just to meet these dogs!” There’s a huge cohort of people out there who saw the Dogs 101 Kooiker segment and felt that they had to see one and hope to adopt one. Pierre and Harry were there Sat morning and DuncanDragon and I arrived around midday, expecting to stay til 2 pm. Pierre and Harry hung around til after 3 pm, and Dunkie and I stayed til the 5 pm closing time. Every time I tried to slip out, there would be another swell of people squealing and oohing and aahing. Dunkie was a real trooper — after five hours of hard labor as the Kooiker Emissary, he was still cheerful and chipper as we left the expo hall. Two blocks away from Javits Center, people were coming up to us and asking, variously, what kind of dog Dunkie is, and if he’s a kooikerhondje or — in the alternative — “one of those duck dogs that was on Animal Planet.” At one point in the afternoon, a woman with a Leonberger tag came over and we bonded over having had “our” respective dogs in the same episod of Dogs 101.

Dragon and Harry (photo courtesy of Pierre Revol)

Harry is clearly Rosy puppy’s sister — the similarity is astonishing. He’s a like-minded kooiker soul, with great dignity and elegance. Harry weight 18 lbs at four months to Dunkie’s 20.5 lbs at five months, but Harry seems to have a much smaller frame than Dunkie. Immediately upon meeting, Harry and Dunkie began acting like old old friends, rumbling and playing and tussling with such ease and familiarity that visitors to the table assumed they live together.

Harry and Baby (photo courtesy of Pierre Revol)

At one point, several people came to the table and announced that the two kooikers were, without doubt, the cutest most irresistible dogs in the entire hall. (And this was with some pretty stiff competition!)

I’m extremely hoarse from having said “It’s pronounced kooikerhondje” at least 600 times today. Dunkie barely made it to his food bowl and water bowl before he plopped down on his pillow and fell deeply asleep. Looks good to me!

Pierre and Harry will be there Sunday morning, and a “mystery kooiker” will be coming with a Thomas Tresen in the afternoon tomorrow, as will and Dunkie and I. Looking forward to another day of kooiker-filled fun and exhaustion!

–Karen Dean, Nov. 13 2011