Rookie, Almost Five Years Old

Rookie taking time out of his busy schedule chasing squirrels to pose for a photo.


Rookie in the Snow

Here is Rookie, now four years old, enjoying the snow with a buddy.

Rookie in the Snow

Harley Turns Four

Harley (born Balthasar) is one of our Litter B dogs.

“He’s the best dog. In many ways I’m sad we didn’t breed him. I love his size and he’s just so handsome, energetic and playful. I will try and grab some profile pix this weekend at the park -our daily routine is the “chuck-it” for about an hour or until he lays down on the fetch return!” :)

–Susan Ousterhout

Harley's Face

Harley is Four

Bianca and Jorie Retire from Rosewood

Bianca and Jorie

In 2012, after two litters and many happy years as part of the Rosewood family, Bianca and Jorie have retired from breeding and puppy rearing.

In December, after earning her Doctorate degree in Cultural Curriculum Studies at Goergia Southern University, Jorie took a position as Natural Resources Instructor at Aaniih Nakoda College on the Fort Belknap Reservation in Montana. The demands of her profession leave her with little time to continue as a breeder.

Now spayed, Bianca is adjusting to her retirement from motherhood duties and is happy to continue her life with Jorie as beloved pet and companion. She and Ochie, the yellow lab, enjoy exploring the new frontiers of the Midwest.




Bianca’s Bio and Pedigree

Bianca, right profile

Bianca, two years, 19 in. 32 lbs.

Bianca left side, Nov. 2010

Bianca moved from her birthplace in Boston to Jorrie’s house in Statesboro Georgia, to become our second breeding female. In 2012, after two litters, Bianca and Jorie moved to the Midwest where Jorie will be a Natural Resources Instructor at Aaniih Nakoda College on the Fort Belknap Reservation in Montana.

Due to Bianca’s unusual size (she is very tall for the breed) and the fact that one of her siblings has developed epilepsy, it was decided that she should no longer be a candidate for breeding. Jorie and Bianca have retired from breeding.

“Bianca is definitely the alpha female of the family. She dominates her yellow lab housemate Ochie, bosses him around, chews on him, pushes him aside when loves are being given out, etc. And the funny thing is that Ochie puts up with it all! Also, her energy NEVER runs out! She is ready to go any time of the day or night at the drop of a hat!

The back yard is Bianca’s favorite place. She races out the doggie door and makes a circuit around the perimeter of the yard at top speed, tail flying and ears pushed back in the wind. If I am at the computer and she wants me to “notice” her, she bugs me until I ask her if she wants me to watch her at which she zooms out the door. She reminds me of a kid that says “Mommy, watch me!” I tell her what a good girl she is and how pretty she is and watch her for a few minutes. That makes her completely happy and I can go back to writing or checking e-mail . . . for awhile!”

Bianca’s hips were evaluated as Excellent in a Preliminary Xray Evaluation.


AKC SR49291602

DOB January 19 2008

Hamlet and Bianca, right

Sire: Uultje-Remy Lyske V. Doralyteira
AKC SR36049601
S: Rakker NHSB 2343473S: Heer William VD Kooikerexpres NHSB 2124761
D: Wenda VD Ukkesteyn NHSB 2065311
D: Lyske-Dora NHSB 2271232S: Nyarr Scooter Urjette von Muskyteira G-2-2065320
D: Nefoko’s Dora Eliez
NHSB BILJ G-2-1989870
Dam: Taga’s Weika, Lady Elsinore
AKC SR36052701
S: Tea’ Land’s Mowgli Don’ Kit
NHSB 11377/98
S: Taga’s Gordon
NHSB 16177/96
D: Lonniland’s Tea’Kit Mc-Twire
NHSB 11779/96
D: Taga’s Chiquita
NHSB 10404/99
Sire: Quiz Byondra von Muskyteira
NHSB 00792/96
D: Taga’s Debbie
NHSB 25405/95

Rookie Turns Four!

Happy Birthday, Rookie!

Born Rosewood’s Bel Canto, Rookie is from the B Litter. His parents are Elsie and Remy.

NOW do you like my hat?

Furry Dog Shares Hair with Carpet

Kooikerhondjes do shed and if they “blow” their coats, it can be spectacular. Here Wendy, one of Elby’s humans, describes the situation at their house.

“Elby’s shedding is unbelievable. Not really complaining (well maybe a little …), but basically it is just falling off him as he walks around. And if he scratches it’s everywhere. It has not been like this in other seasons. He shows no other signs of problems with his skin, etc. Just fur galore. Dave brushes him once a week, but the next day it is still all over. Here is a picture of 1/2 days worth and this does not count the stuff on my dark green rug (bad color choice with him!!). Just amazed is all … hopefully as the fall gets here it will slow down.” —Wendy

At times, a Swiffer or a Roomba can be a Kooiker owner’s best friend. We have a blue carpet in our living room, and every hair my Kooiker sheds shows up there. The tan carpet on our stairs hides it much better. —Joyce

Baptista/Elby, still has some fur left

Baptista/Elby, still has fur left to share

A half day's worth of Kooiker fur

A half day's worth of Kooiker fur

Baptista/Elby, August 2011

Baptista/Elby, 3.5 years old, August 2011

Rembrandt, Stud Dog for Litter B

Rembrandt’s Pedigree:

Uultje-Remy Lyske V. Doralyteira 


AKC Reg. No.: SR36049601

DOB: 21 March 2004

Owner: Robin Fields, Weston, MA

Father: Rakker NHSB 2343473 Father: Heer William V. D. Kooikerexpres NHSB 2124761 Father:
Lester V. H. Gemeijnt
NHSB BIJL G-2-1981602
Mother: Soraya Emma V. D. Kooikerexpres NHSB 1934678
Mother: Wenda V. D. Ukkesteyn NHSB 2065311 Father:
Kees V. D. Ukkesteyn
NHSB 1863181
Mother: Evelien V. D. Ukkesteyn NHSB BIJL G-2-1616172
Mother: Lyske-Dora NHSB 2271232 Father: Nyarr Scooter Urjette V. Muskyteira G-2-2065320 Father: Jimmy NHSB BIJL G-1-1666331
Mother: Urjette Coranne V. Muskyteira NHSB BIJL G-2-1555267
Mother: Nefoko’s Dora Eliez G-2-1989870 Father: Wolf Uit ‘T Wilgenbosch NHSB BIJL G-2-1815147
Mother: Eliez Verys V. Almari NHSB BIJL G-1-1806472

“Remy” was bred in Friesland Province (the origin of Kooikers) in The Netherlands. He belongs to Robin Fields, who lives in Boston . Remy is a beautiful representation of the breed standard and has many Dutch champions in his Kooiker pedigree. His long, black feathered earrings, strong frame and good temperament suggested he would be a good match with Elsie. We researched their lineage and genetics, and decided to breed over Thanksgiving ’07. The puppies arrived January 19, 2008.

Robin and Remy

Robin and Remy

Joyce’s Dog Blog–Kooikerhondje Fun Match, July 24, 2010


Fuller family

The Fuller family came all the way from Texas

Rod and Marta Beckstead hosted the third Kooiker Match on July 24, 2010, warmly welcoming us to their hillside home in Allentown, PA. Yorick and Elsie, Benvolio (litter B) and Cato (litter C) represented Rosewood at the match.

Continue reading Joyce’s Dog Blog–Kooikerhondje Fun Match, July 24, 2010

Balthazar “Harley” at a year

Harley April 2009

Harley is doing great. He probably weighed about 33 lbs at a year and now is about 42 lbs and cute as a button. He’s very silly and sleeps most of the time on his back with his feet up in the air. He burps after every meal and even sometimes when he hasn’t eaten. He loves to play fetch and has become quite good at it. He’s also quite the swimmer and does big leaps into the pool. He’s a real love bug and just a great overall dog that is starting to grow up into a fine adult. He’s a fantastic addition to the family!

We’re looking into starting flyball as Harley has a ton of energy and I’m guessing would be great at it. All in all we’re great, happy and very healthy.

– Susan