Harley Turns Four

Harley (born Balthasar) is one of our Litter B dogs.

“He’s the best dog. In many ways I’m sad we didn’t breed him. I love his size and he’s just so handsome, energetic and playful. I will try and grab some profile pix this weekend at the park -our daily routine is the “chuck-it” for about an hour or until he lays down on the fetch return!” :)

–Susan Ousterhout

Harley's Face

Harley is Four

Balthazar “Harley” at a year

Harley April 2009

Harley is doing great. He probably weighed about 33 lbs at a year and now is about 42 lbs and cute as a button. He’s very silly and sleeps most of the time on his back with his feet up in the air. He burps after every meal and even sometimes when he hasn’t eaten. He loves to play fetch and has become quite good at it. He’s also quite the swimmer and does big leaps into the pool. He’s a real love bug and just a great overall dog that is starting to grow up into a fine adult. He’s a fantastic addition to the family!

We’re looking into starting flyball as Harley has a ton of energy and I’m guessing would be great at it. All in all we’re great, happy and very healthy.

– Susan

Balthasar “Harley”

Balthasar/Harley from his home in California

3 months

Harley's photo album

Harley's photo album

Harley is doing GREAT. He did great on the flight home and made himself at home right away. He’s a perfect addition. We went to the vet today and got great marks. He’s weighing in at 14.7 lbs. He’s liking his two pack mates, Jack and Kep, but they are not 100% in love with him right now. In time I expect it to improve and Harley is not taken aback at all by dominance. He continues to try and play with them. I’m quite impressed.

We will keep you posted, but I wanted to thank you again. He’s in a fantastic home and he will be very much loved. I appreciate all your work and careful breeding.

Also 3 months

He’s quite at home and has a great time barking at Jack. He weighs 17.5 lbs as of today. He’s not at all shy – actually quite persistent and strong willed.

So . . . strong willed . . . he is VERY persistent and if doesn’t want to do something he makes that perfectly clear. It’s interesting. He has had to be put in “time out” a few times in puppy play class for barking at other dogs if they won’t play with him. Funny.

Anyway . . . it’s all good and he’s getting along well and seems to love other dogs as well as people. As of Monday he was 17.9 lbs. :-)