Furry Dog Shares Hair with Carpet

Kooikerhondjes do shed and if they “blow” their coats, it can be spectacular. Here Wendy, one of Elby’s humans, describes the situation at their house.

“Elby’s shedding is unbelievable. Not really complaining (well maybe a little …), but basically it is just falling off him as he walks around. And if he scratches it’s everywhere. It has not been like this in other seasons. He shows no other signs of problems with his skin, etc. Just fur galore. Dave brushes him once a week, but the next day it is still all over. Here is a picture of 1/2 days worth and this does not count the stuff on my dark green rug (bad color choice with him!!). Just amazed is all … hopefully as the fall gets here it will slow down.” —Wendy

At times, a Swiffer or a Roomba can be a Kooiker owner’s best friend. We have a blue carpet in our living room, and every hair my Kooiker sheds shows up there. The tan carpet on our stairs hides it much better. —Joyce

Baptista/Elby, still has some fur left

Baptista/Elby, still has fur left to share

A half day's worth of Kooiker fur

A half day's worth of Kooiker fur

Baptista/Elby, August 2011

Baptista/Elby, 3.5 years old, August 2011

Baptista Minola, or Elby

Elby at two years

Baptista or "Elby" at three and a half years.

Health Update on Baptista “Elby”

Last month we received a letter with an important health update from the owners of one of our Litter B puppies. We immediately wrote to ask for more. The following is compiled from three letters from Elby’s owners, written in September and October 2010:

Elby is now having seizures. He had his first one in late April and has had 4 since, that we are aware of. Two of them just today. We had Elby in for blood work immediately after his first episode. Everything was normal. Our vet was very unconcerned, and did not suggest further testing, but said that if at some point we wanted to medicate him that we could discuss that.

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Baptista “Elby”

Notes from the family of Baptista Minola, call name “Elby”, upper state New York

8 weeks/2 months

Elby's photo album

Elby's photo album

Well it’s been a fast week and he seems to be adjusting just fine. He’s doing quite well at potty training and is starting to show his true colors, quite an adventurer. He would like to play with the cat but the cat isn’t quite ready yet, right now he’s trying to help type. He launches himself off the couch like a retriever and managed stairs by his third day. He does extremely well in his crate but didn’t like being left in the kitchen . . . and howled all night, a tip from my son who has dogs said to put him in his crate in our bedroom and he was great, sleeps from 11 to 6 without a peep, amazing. . . . Our son and daughter-in-law came over with our youngest grandson, Case, and they had a great time. The dog was really good with him, very patient. Continue reading Baptista “Elby”