Rookie, Almost Five Years Old

Rookie taking time out of his busy schedule chasing squirrels to pose for a photo.


Rookie in the Snow

Here is Rookie, now four years old, enjoying the snow with a buddy.

Rookie in the Snow

Rookie Turns Four!

Happy Birthday, Rookie!

Born Rosewood’s Bel Canto, Rookie is from the B Litter. His parents are Elsie and Remy.

NOW do you like my hat?

Bel Canto / Rookie

Bel Canto "Rookie" Two years, 43 lbs.

Rookie with new siblings

Rookie's photo album

October 12, 2010: Two years, 9 Months.

We have come to the conclusion that Rookie is not a hunter and will never be a hunter. He HATES to go to the cabin, and if he is there will not venture very far. Rookie is always looking for the first vehicle to take him home. There are times that we can’t find him, we now know to go look in the car that has the doors open. He is happily sitting in the back seat hoping for a ride home.

We’ve actually had a fall this year! Not very common for Texas. Rookie is spending all day outside soaking up this beautiful weather. He doesn’t like the heat too much, can’t say I blame him, but seems to love the crisp mornings and warm afternoons. He loves chasing the grasshoppers and bees, actually I think he has acquired a taste for them. I should take video of him stomping in the backyard, trying to kick up the bugs. It is a funny sight.

May 25, 2010: Two Years, 4 Months

Took Rookie in for his check up today!  He is a very healthy 43 pound dog.  He has ear infections in both ears.  The vet packed his ears with medicine that will last for about 3 weeks.  That way we don’t have to give him pills twice a day.  Modern medicine, gotta love it.

Rookie is still very active and loves his walks, where he chases the squirrels and rabbits.  Rookie isn’t much into hunting.  He is still very afraid of the gun noise.  As a matter of fact he is afraid of all loud noises, clapping, bubble wrap, air compressors, clapping, trumpets, sometimes even ice cubes falling out of their trays.   When we are able to go to our cabin he stays inside tucked safely in a farthest corner of the cabin, unless there is a chance that he can go for a ride on the four wheeler.  He loves to ride in/on anything with four wheels.

Rookie is the goofiest dog we have ever owned, we just love his personality and all his quirks.

– Amy

10.5 months

It’s . . . hunting season, Larry has taken Rookie down to our cabin twice. The first time . . . he had a blast running after jack rabbits and goats. The second time he went down, with actual guns going off, he preferred hunting the cabin!! Not too happy with the noise. . . . We are working with him with his noise phobias. . . . We take him on 2 walks a day, more like we walk he runs around looking for squirrels and rabbits.

– Amy

7 months

Rookie weighs 37 lbs 18.5″ (h) 43″ (l) Shows no signs of slowing down. He enjoys evenings swimming at the lake playing fetch with sticks and catching bugs on the water. It has taken some time for him to adapt to the Texas heat but looks for water at every chance to cool off in. He plays well with kids and other dogs. He likes going on walks and hikes especially when he is able to run free. He is very attentive and minds well for a 6 month old pup. He is loved by the girls on our daughters’ softball teams. He helps set up fields and makes sure the dirt is ready to play on prior to games and practices.

6 months

We had a little scare with him on Saturday evening. It appears that he had a seizure. We took him to an emergency vet . . . Rookie is on 3 different medications and is doing very well. He actually was back to normal on Sunday. . . . Just got a call from the vet. His tests came back clear. . . . WHEW!!! (Note: At one year and nine months, Rookie continues to be a healthy dog. He hasn’t had any subsequent seizures and the cause of the first remains unclear.)

4 months

He is growing by leaps and bounds. He is up to 25 lbs. I don’t see him slowing down anytime soon. He has such a sweet personality. He makes friends where ever we go. We went to a dog park in Fort Worth a couple of weekends ago. . . . He did really good with all the different types of dogs.

3 months

This past weekend . . . we found a river and took Rookie down to see what he thought. Before we knew it, he was in the water sticking his nose in and blowing bubbles. We started throwing sticks in the water and he would go out to retrieve. By the end of the day, he was running and jumping in the water to retrieve sticks. . . . Everyone just loves him and we get a ton of questions about him. Most people can’t believe how calm of a puppy he is.

2 months

He LOVES being outdoors and eating leaves. The bigger the better. . . . Walks are still a work in progress, we usually end up carrying him half way. He loves being carried with his paws on you shoulders and his head next to you neck. Just too sweet!! He gives love bites to the top of you ears.