Joyce’s Dog Blog–Kooikerhondje Fun Match, July 24, 2010


Fuller family

The Fuller family came all the way from Texas

Rod and Marta Beckstead hosted the third Kooiker Match on July 24, 2010, warmly welcoming us to their hillside home in Allentown, PA. Yorick and Elsie, Benvolio (litter B) and Cato (litter C) represented Rosewood at the match.

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Benvolio “Beni” at Two Years

Beni July 2010

Beni and his people attended the Kooiker Club meeting at Rod and Marta Beckstead’s in Pensylvania in July 2010.

Benvolio / Beni

Benvolio/Beni, from his home in Massachusetts

3 months

Beni is doing wonderfully – very sweet, very active and growing by the second. He has changed the dynamics of our house, that is for sure!

1 year

Beni's photo album

Beni's photo album

Since it’s his one year birthday, we decided to celebrate a bit. And this included party hats and a couple of treats for the Ben-dog. Well here’s to one year!

1 year, 4 months

When Beni was about four months old, my sister, nieces and I took him to the beach and he had a great time. He visited everyone and people could not resist asking about him and the breed. One woman could not stop looking at him and told me he had “soulful eyes” and I was certain she was going to dognap our puppy. She was right – Benvolio aka “Romeo’s Best Friend”, is soulful. He is sensitive and attuned to our family; eager to please and therefore, quite trainable.

He loves to be outside with someone as well as to run but understands when he needs to be leashed and sits (somewhat) patiently for it. If he sees another dog he wants to go visit and play but is learning to be both a bit more cautious as well as protective. Of course, he has a strong sniff sense and makes marks as a male would.

Our house has been filled with teenagers, who he loves, especially our son who handles him like no one else. Beni wrestles with him, lets him pick him up and “talks” with him. He loves to tug and chase and also plays a sort of “hide and seek”.

He has been a blessing to our family

– Laura