Benvolio “Beni” at Two Years

Beni July 2010

Beni and his people attended the Kooiker Club meeting at Rod and Marta Beckstead’s in Pensylvania in July 2010.

Baptista Minola, or Elby

Elby at two years

Baptista or "Elby" at three and a half years.

Health Update on Baptista “Elby”

Last month we received a letter with an important health update from the owners of one of our Litter B puppies. We immediately wrote to ask for more. The following is compiled from three letters from Elby’s owners, written in September and October 2010:

Elby is now having seizures. He had his first one in late April and has had 4 since, that we are aware of. Two of them just today. We had Elby in for blood work immediately after his first episode. Everything was normal. Our vet was very unconcerned, and did not suggest further testing, but said that if at some point we wanted to medicate him that we could discuss that.

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Litter B, January 19, 2008


Taga's Weika, Lady Elsinore

Uultje-Remy Lyske V. Doralyteira









Litter B puppies



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Brannigan in Dogs 101

Brannigan, a puppy from Rosewood’s B litter in 2008, is one of the kooikerhondjes to be featured in Animal Planet’s Dogs 101 this December.

Brannigan, Dogs 101

Joyce’s Dog Blog–Filming for Dogs 101 in Boston, Sept. 13

Today Justin from Dogs 101, Animal Planet, filmed at our house for an upcoming Dogs 101 clip. We invited all the kooikerhondjes we know in New England: all four made it.

Filming at Joyce's house for Dogs 101

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Baptista “Elby”

Notes from the family of Baptista Minola, call name “Elby”, upper state New York

8 weeks/2 months

Elby's photo album

Elby's photo album

Well it’s been a fast week and he seems to be adjusting just fine. He’s doing quite well at potty training and is starting to show his true colors, quite an adventurer. He would like to play with the cat but the cat isn’t quite ready yet, right now he’s trying to help type. He launches himself off the couch like a retriever and managed stairs by his third day. He does extremely well in his crate but didn’t like being left in the kitchen . . . and howled all night, a tip from my son who has dogs said to put him in his crate in our bedroom and he was great, sleeps from 11 to 6 without a peep, amazing. . . . Our son and daughter-in-law came over with our youngest grandson, Case, and they had a great time. The dog was really good with him, very patient. Continue reading Baptista “Elby”

Balthasar “Harley”

Balthasar/Harley from his home in California

3 months

Harley's photo album

Harley's photo album

Harley is doing GREAT. He did great on the flight home and made himself at home right away. He’s a perfect addition. We went to the vet today and got great marks. He’s weighing in at 14.7 lbs. He’s liking his two pack mates, Jack and Kep, but they are not 100% in love with him right now. In time I expect it to improve and Harley is not taken aback at all by dominance. He continues to try and play with them. I’m quite impressed.

We will keep you posted, but I wanted to thank you again. He’s in a fantastic home and he will be very much loved. I appreciate all your work and careful breeding.

Also 3 months

He’s quite at home and has a great time barking at Jack. He weighs 17.5 lbs as of today. He’s not at all shy – actually quite persistent and strong willed.

So . . . strong willed . . . he is VERY persistent and if doesn’t want to do something he makes that perfectly clear. It’s interesting. He has had to be put in “time out” a few times in puppy play class for barking at other dogs if they won’t play with him. Funny.

Anyway . . . it’s all good and he’s getting along well and seems to love other dogs as well as people. As of Monday he was 17.9 lbs. :-)


From the home of Brannigan, living in Massachusetts

Brannigan's photo album

Brannigan's photo album

4 months

Brannigan is growing so quickly! He got his rabies shot last week at 17 weeks and weighed in at 21 pounds – it seems like I have to let his collar out every week.

Brannigan is always happy and loves to play with people and other dogs. I’ve been taking Remy and him for walks together several times a week and it’s been interesting to watch their relationship evolve. Brannigan tries so hard to emulate the things that Remy does, such as chasing birds and marking trees. Remy has grown more tolerant, but still occasionally disciplines Brannigan. . . .

8 months

This evening I took a walk in the rain with an enchanting couple and their delightful little girls. They were interested in acquiring a Kooiker puppy and wanted to know about the breed. I brought my little angel and extolled the virtues of the breed. Had I remembered, I would have told the tale of the ancient hound that saved Prince William of Orange.

All this puffery was obviously too much for Brannigan. I now show you the true character of the Kooiker. Be forewarned.

Brannigan's photo album

The Perpetrator

The Evidence

The Evidence

– Steve

Benvolio / Beni

Benvolio/Beni, from his home in Massachusetts

3 months

Beni is doing wonderfully – very sweet, very active and growing by the second. He has changed the dynamics of our house, that is for sure!

1 year

Beni's photo album

Beni's photo album

Since it’s his one year birthday, we decided to celebrate a bit. And this included party hats and a couple of treats for the Ben-dog. Well here’s to one year!

1 year, 4 months

When Beni was about four months old, my sister, nieces and I took him to the beach and he had a great time. He visited everyone and people could not resist asking about him and the breed. One woman could not stop looking at him and told me he had “soulful eyes” and I was certain she was going to dognap our puppy. She was right – Benvolio aka “Romeo’s Best Friend”, is soulful. He is sensitive and attuned to our family; eager to please and therefore, quite trainable.

He loves to be outside with someone as well as to run but understands when he needs to be leashed and sits (somewhat) patiently for it. If he sees another dog he wants to go visit and play but is learning to be both a bit more cautious as well as protective. Of course, he has a strong sniff sense and makes marks as a male would.

Our house has been filled with teenagers, who he loves, especially our son who handles him like no one else. Beni wrestles with him, lets him pick him up and “talks” with him. He loves to tug and chase and also plays a sort of “hide and seek”.

He has been a blessing to our family

– Laura