Rosalind at four weeks








Rosewood is proud and excited to announce the arrival of our newest puppy. Rosalind comes from Kennel Ammervills in Ammerzoden, The Netherlands. She was born on July 2, 2011.

Rosalind Eight Weeks

My husband Bruce and I were able to visit the breeder, Diny de Witt and her husband during a trip to Europe when the puppies were three weeks old. We had a lovely visit, and were pleasantly surprised to meet both mom and dad to this litter. Here are some pictures from our visit.

Two Sisters

The de Witts

Trying to decide between two girls. Rosy is the one on the left.

Darby Update

Darby has developed what looks like an umbilical hernia. This is the second Rosewood puppy to have an umbilical hernia, as Cecily had one as well. Petplace describes a hernia as follows:

“An umbilical hernia is a condition in which abdominal contents protrude through the abdominal wall at the area of the umbilicus. Small hernias are generally not a problem. It is recommended to electively repair a larger hernia due to the risk of intestinal loop strangulation.

The exact cause of an umbilical hernia is unknown although most are thought to be inherited. It is most commonly a congenital malformation caused by flawed embryogenesis. The umbilical opening is normal until birth as it contains blood vessels that pass through from the mother to the fetus. This opening closes at birth in the normal pet and a hernia results if the opening fails to close.”

An umbilical hernia is easy to repair, and in most  cases causes little concern. We will keep you posted about Darby’s experience with a hernia!

Darby at Ten Weeks

Agility Exploration

Today Rosewood had a visit from Wendy Pendelton, who competes in agility with her Golden Retreiver, Cheetah. Wendy and Cheetah (MACH 2) competed in the European Open in the Czech Republic in 2010. Wendy and her friend, Toni, came to evaluate the puppies for their aptitude in the sport of agility.

The Agility Tunnel

They spread out equipment all over the yard, and let the puppies explore.

Maybe the mouth of the tunnel reminds them of the endenkooi trap!

Are there ducks in there somewhere?













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Joyce’s Dog Blog—Elsie Retires

Elsinore has taken the title Emerita and has retired from breeding. I, and the rest of us here at Rosewood, found it most difficult to take this step, even though, having recently turned nine, she had every right to step down. She is often mistaken by other dog owners as much younger. Because of that, along with her sometimes ditsy temperament, I often think of her as newly minted.

Besides her age, several of her offspring have had health concerns that most likely were passed on through her. Preventing the possible re-occurrence of these problems was the most important factor in the decision to retire her. I was experiencing a stand-off between head (don’t risk passing on health problems to puppies) and heart (she, and her offspring, have so many other terrific qualities) when our vet made a discovery that prompted us to act: several growths in her mammary tissues. While dogs are prone to canine breast cancer, it occurs almost exclusively in intact (unspayed) females. While we didn’t know if the growths were malignant, we couldn’t afford to do nothing. Within a week, she had combination surgery to be spayed and to remove the growths.

Elsie with cone

Elsie puts up with wearing The Cone after having surgery to be spayed.

Sublimely oblivious to the swirling decision-making that has gone on among the humans charged with her care and well-being, Elsie continues to be her happy, confident self. She seems to have bounced back from the required surgical procedures. We have been charged with limiting her physical activity and creating a serene and quiet environment during her recovery. Staying calm has been the most difficult for her, much worse than wearing “The Cone,” a lightweight clear plastic shield.

What lies ahead for Elsie? The lab results indicate that while the lumps were a low-grade form of cancer, they were completely removed and it’s likely we’ve seen the end of that story. We both look forward to resuming our pleasant hours of rambling in the woods. More than that, I have been threatening for years to start her in agility classes and this seems like the opportune time. Will you hear from us next from the training ring? Watch this spot.


Joyce’s Dog Blog–Kooikerhondje Fun Match, July 24, 2010


Fuller family

The Fuller family came all the way from Texas

Rod and Marta Beckstead hosted the third Kooiker Match on July 24, 2010, warmly welcoming us to their hillside home in Allentown, PA. Yorick and Elsie, Benvolio (litter B) and Cato (litter C) represented Rosewood at the match.

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Dogs 101 features the kooikerhondje

Rosewood’s Hamlet featured in Dogs 101

Dogs 101 Season 3 Episode 5 featureing the Nederlandse Kooikerhondje is now posted on the Animal Planet web site! The episode first aired November 27, 2010 at 9:00 p.m.

The one-hour episode focuses on large and small breeds, and features the Kooikerhondje (including Hamlet and Elsie, as well as other Rosewood dogs), the Leonberger, Dandie Dinmont Terrier, Tibetan Mastiff, and  Affenpinscher.

The video available on Animal Planet only streams the first two minutes of the episode, and doesn’t show the eendenkooi work for which the dog was developed. To watch a kooi-dog in action, you can buy the entire episode from Amazon Video on Demand for $1.99. The kooikerhondje segment begins at minute 31:45.

Rose’s Dog Blog—The Animal Planet Dogs 101 Story

A Call About Dogs 101, Spring 2008

In the Fifth Avenue studio for Powderhouse Productions

I was sitting in my sister-in-law’s living room when my cell phone rang. It was a producer from Powderhouse Productions, who creates Animal Planet’s Dogs 101 series. They were featuring rare breeds in an upcoming season, and had seen the Rosewood website. They wanted to know if we were interested Continue reading Rose’s Dog Blog—The Animal Planet Dogs 101 Story

Health Update on Baptista “Elby”

Last month we received a letter with an important health update from the owners of one of our Litter B puppies. We immediately wrote to ask for more. The following is compiled from three letters from Elby’s owners, written in September and October 2010:

Elby is now having seizures. He had his first one in late April and has had 4 since, that we are aware of. Two of them just today. We had Elby in for blood work immediately after his first episode. Everything was normal. Our vet was very unconcerned, and did not suggest further testing, but said that if at some point we wanted to medicate him that we could discuss that.

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Joyce’s Dog Blog–Filming for Dogs 101 in Boston, Sept. 13

Today Justin from Dogs 101, Animal Planet, filmed at our house for an upcoming Dogs 101 clip. We invited all the kooikerhondjes we know in New England: all four made it.

Filming at Joyce's house for Dogs 101

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