Breed Clubs

Het Nederlandse Kooikerhondje (The Netherlands)

Svenska Kooikerhondje Klubben (Sweden)

For names and pedigrees of all the kooikerhondjes living in Sweden, click here.

Suomen Kooikerhondje Ry (Finland)

Kooikerhondje Club of Great Britain

Kooikerhondje Club of the USA (KCUSA)

Kooikerhondje Society of America (KSA)

Deutcher Club fur Kooikerhondje (Germany)


(Rosewood does not endorse breeders. Links are for information only. If you are thinking of buying a puppy, please research your kennel carefully!)


Ambermoon Kathy Kimmeth (Wisconsin)

Noah’s Kooikerhondjes Barb and Wayne Rittenour (Maryland)

Ravenswood Rod and Marta Beckstead (Pensylvania)

RedGold Kooikers Kerry and Dee Nichols (Alabama)

Van Den Iserman Hoeve D. Ann Knoop-Siderius and Mattheus Knoop (Illinois)

Vonlin’s Kooikerhondje LaVon and Linda Culpepper (Texas)

Waterbound Kooikerhondjes Sheryl Fuller (Texas)


Altforsterhof (Roel Steenhuis, The Netherlands)

Ammervills (Diny de Wit, The Netherlands)

Kennel Manusia’s (The Netherlands)

Kennel Taga’s (Denmark)

Kennel Frisian Gem (Finland)

Cirtap’s (Birgitta Linblad, Sweden)

van Youngmuskyteira Kooikerhondje (Susanne & Heinz Raeber, Switzerland)

vom Tespelkooi (Gitta Degelau, Germany)

Kennel Fagayas (Sweden)

Health Information

Hereditary necrotizing myelopathy (ENM) is a genetic disorder that occurs in the Nederlandse Kooikerhondje breed and causes progressive spinal degeneration. Proceeding paralysis starting in the hind limbs finally leads to the death of the dog. Affected dogs exhibit first symptoms at the 3rd to 12th month of their lives. Unfortunately, there is no cure for this disease.

Type III von Willebrand Disease (vWD) is a very severe form of a blood-clotting disease in which affected animals do not produce any von Willebrand Factor protein in their blood. This condition makes them more likely to bleed abnormally and severely. This can lead to life threatening consequences in situations such as accidental injuries, spaying, or neutering. All kooiker breeding stock must be genetically tested for vWD and ENM.

Documentation on how to get your kooiker’s blood tested for von Willebrands Disease and Hereditary Necrotising Myelopathy.  Testing is performed in a lab in Utrecht, The Netherlands.

Canine Eye Registration Foundation (CERF) offers testing for hereditary eye disease in dogs. Kooikers sometimes suffer from cataracts and should be screened before breeding.

Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA) offers x-ray testing for patellar luxation, which is common in kooikers. The patella, or kneecap, is part of the stifle joint (knee). In patellar luxation, the kneecap luxates, or pops out of place. All breeding kooikers should be screened for patellar luxation.

Of Interest

Visit a Dutch Endenkooi

Puppy Stuff–Developmental Stages

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