Litter D, June 10, 2011

Bianca, Right Profile

Yorick, Left Profile








Bianca and her puppies about halfway through delivery.

Litter D Individuals

Here are the new little guys–and one tiny little girl–with their birth stats. They were born on June 10, 2011. Click on each dog’s name to go to their blog page for more pictures and updates!

Puppy One: Dalton (Toby), Male, 8.25 oz. AKC#:SR71553401

Toby lives with Mike and Debbie Lax in Danville, California.

Dalton (Toby) One Year, Right Side

Dalton (Toby) One Year, Left Side








Dalton’s Face, One Year

Rosewood’s Dalton


Puppy Two: Dugan, Male, 7:59, 6.46 0z. AKC#: SR71553402, Neutered.

Dugan lives with the Ohira family in Northville, Michigan.

Dugan Right Side, One Year

Dugan Left Side, One Year








Dugan Front One Year

Rosewood’s Dugan


Puppy Three: Duncan, Male, 8:10, 5.11 oz. AKC#:SR71553403. Neutered.

Duncan lives with Wayne and Barbra Ritenour in Maryland. Barbra is the secretary for the Kooikerhondje Club of the USA.

Duncan’s Right Side, One Year

Duncan Left Side, One Year, 45 cm.








Duncan’s face, 16 months

Rosewood’s Duncan

Puppy Four: Darby, Male, 8:51, 5.11 oz. AKC#:SR71553404. Neutered.

Darby found a home with Lesley Vanderpoel, in Chicopee, Massachusettes. These pictures were taken on April 23, 2012 when Darby was just a couple of months short of his first birthday.

Darby’s Right Side, April 2012

Darby’s Left Side










Darby’s face

Rosewood’s Darby at birth

Puppy Five: Darwin, Male, 9:21, 6.56 oz. Deceased.

On June 12, when he was two days old, Darwin was accidentally smothered when he got caught under Bianca’s elbow. You can read about the tragic event in Jorie’s blog.

Rosewood’s Darwin, deceased

Puppy Six: Drake (Frankie), Male, 9:25, 7.55 oz. AKC#:SR71553405. Neutered.

Frankie lives with Robert and Sherry Grenley in Seattle, Washington.

Drake/Frankie right side

Drake/Frankie left side








Frankie at the Seaside, 48 cm, 45 lbs.

Rosewood’s Drake

Puppy Seven: Devon, Male, 9:52, 3.14 oz. Stillborn.

Puppy Eight: Dragon, Male, 10:03, 3.67 oz. AKC#:SR71553406. Neutered.

Dragon lives with Nathan and Karen in Manhattan, New York City.

Dragon One Year, Right Side

Dragon One Year, Left Side, 43.18 cm.








Dragon Front, Nine Months

Rosewood’s Dragon

Puppy Nine: Deacon (Walter) Male, 10:19, 6.10 oz. AKC#:SR71553407

“Walter” and “Posie” live with the Gordons in Dover, Massachusettes.

Deacon “Walter” One Year

Deacon “Walter” One Year








Walter’s Face, One Year

Rosewood’s Deacon


Puppy Ten: Daesha (Posie) Female, 10:48, 3.28 oz. AKC#:SR71553408

“Posie” and “Walter” live with the Gordons in Dover, Massachusettes.

Daesha “Posie” One Year

Daesha “Posie” One Year








Posie’s Face, One Year

Rosewood’s Daesha

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  • Ann Petrashune

    I am very interested in learning more about this fabulous breed..I am interested in obedience and therapy . Can you send me any and all info! I work at a nursing home..and would love to do therapy. We have 20 acres of open hay fields and camp on the lake! Thank you for your time, ann

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