Germanic “Yorick”

Rosewood is no longer a breeding kennel, and does not sell puppies. However, Yorick may be available for stud if you wish to inquire. This page details his pedigree, health, size, and temperament qualifications.

Yorick right side, 15 months

Left profile, 2012, two years. Height 17.5 in.  (44.45 cm.)  Weight 15 kilos (33 lbs.)



To read more about Yorick, visit his blog.

Testing Results.

Yorick had his blood analyzed at the University of Utrecht, The Netherlands, for two genetic diseases that occur in kooikerhondjes–von Willebrands Disease (vWD), and Hereditary Necrotising Myelopathy (ENM). In both cases, he “Does not carry the mutation.” Test date: 8 March 2013.

Yorick was tested for hips, knees, eyes and heart by the OFA.

Yorick was measured by an AKC official on December 2, 2012. Official height: 17.5 inches (44.45 cm.)

Yorick earned his Canine Good Citizenship Award on October 20, 2012.

DOB: 24 July 2009
AKC: SR61466801
NHSB: 2758684
CERF: KK-347342
VetGen (VWD): Clear, #65843
Utrecht blood test for vWD and ENM: Clear. Date: 8 March 2013
DNA Profile: V651990
Sire: Stars of "T Roosie Micro
NHSB 2647846
S: Yentl Sjors VH Runxputtehof
S: Lucky Lex VH Runxputtehof
NHSB 2149205
D: Racy Saartje VH Runxputtehof
NHSB 2349529
D: Manusia's Pepper's Amy
NHSB 2408963
S: Kasper
NHSB 2231504
D: Pepper Uit 'T Wilgenbosch
NHSB 2124769
Dam: Jarah
NHSB 2516614
S: Pandoer Uit "T Wilgenbosch
NHSB 2124764
S: Boris VD Gastelhoeve
NHSB BILJ G-2-2058787
D: Lady Uit 'T Wilgenbosch
NHSB BILJ G-2-1886552
D: Abygail VD Ukkesteyn
NHSB 2388968
S: Olympic Haye VD Ukkesteyn
NHSB BILJ G-2-2074917
D: Ajax VD Ukkesteyn
NHSB 1997356

Yorick Stacked Out

Here are some pictures of Yorick from the side, front, and rear so you can get an idea of his conformation.


Yorick right profile, 2012, 2 years

Yorick, 3 years old








A kooiker should be almost square, but a little longer than he is high. Yorick is a big kooiker, larger than the maximum allowed standard of 42 cm.  He measures 17.5 inches, or 44.45 cm. at the shoulder. Yorick has mantel coloring (“mantelhond” in Dutch); that is, his body is a dark reddish-brown without the usual splotches of red on white that most kooikers have. This is a normal and acceptable color variation. Yorick also has a brown band on his tail so half of his tail is colored and half is a white plume. Again, that is common, although a full white plumed tail is more desirable. Color is hereditary but patterns are not, and although Yorick is a darker than normal kooi-dog, his offspring (see Litter D) will be randomly splotched or mantled as determined by genetic chance.

Yorick is not quite two in these pictures. An adult kooiker’s coat is fully mature at two years. His tail will grow longer and he will grow longer earrings and feathers on his legs. Many kooikers have dark hair mixed in with the red (“zwart in vacht” in Dutch). This is common, and according to some Dutch breeders, the occasional appearance of darker hair in kooikers is necessary. The dark hairs ensure that the kooiker carries the genetic variation for the dark earrings on its ears. Personally, I think the dark hairs give the coat more depth and movement, and I prefer the dark hairs mixed in to the straight red coloring. Our other male dog, Hamlet, also has rich black highlights in his coat.

Yorick front view 19 months

Yorick front













Yorick rear


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